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GOV id
  • Mettingen (deu)
  • rural municipality (1813 - 1974)
  • municipality (1975 -)
postal code
  • W4532 (- 1993-06-30)
  • 49437 (1993-07-01 -)
  • 49497 (1993-07-01 -)
web page
municipal id
  • 05566056
external id
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Geographic Position
  • 52.3171°N 7.7736°E calculated center position of the place
  • Number of the German 1:25,000 map sheet: 3612
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Superordinate objects


 political administration

Superordinate objects

Superordinate objects

name Timespan type Source
Mettingen (1809 - 1814) Mairie Source
Steinfurt (1975 -) county
Mettingen (Kirchspiel) (- 1809) Kirchspielvogtei Source
Mettingen (1816 - 1951) Bürgermeisterei Amt
Tecklenburg (1951 - 1974) county
Tecklenburg (- 1974) county

Subordinate objects

name type GOV-Id Timespan
Borchelt place BORELTJO32VH
Tenambergen place TENGENJO32VH
Steingröver place STEVERJO32VH
Steingröver part of place STEVERJO32VI
Nagelmann place NAGANNJO32VH
Kaiser place KAISERJO32VI
Keller place KELLERJO32VH
Steinigeweg place STEWEGJO32VI
Krause place KRAUSEJO32VH
Knüppe place KNUPPEJO32VG
Kröner place KRONERJO32VI
Spiecker place SPIKERJO32VH
Käller place KALLERJO32VH
Kätker place KATKERJO32VG
Pielke place PIELKEJO32VG
Ambergen Bauerschaft AMBGENJO32VH
Stüper place STUPERJO32VH
Teeken place TEEKENJO32VH
Wenner place WENNERJO32VI
Wolfer Bauerschaft WOLFERJO32VH
Mentrup place MENRUPJO32VI
Tüpker place TUPKERJO32VI
Tegelmann place TEGANNJO32VG
Stockdieck place STOECKJO32UH
Kreyenhagen place KREGENJO32VI
Wegmann place WEGANNJO32VG
Guderian place GUDIANJO32VI
Schulte-Laggenbeck place SCHECKJO32VH
Husmann place HUSANNJO32UH
Sparenberg place SPAERGJO32VG
Wiermann place WIEANNJO32VI
Hergemöller place HERLERJO32UI
Nospickel place NOSKELJO32VI
Dierkes place DIEKESJO32VI
Bietendüvel place BIEVELJO32VH
Stork-Kellinghaus place STOAUSJO32VH
Möhlmann place MOHANNJO32VH
Langelage place LANAGEJO32VI
Schweer place SCHEERJO32VI
Niesing place NIEINGJO32VG
Westerlage place WESAGEJO32VI
Schröder place SCHDERJO32VG
Priggemeier place PRIIERJO32VH
Konermann place KONANNJO32VH
Schulte-Warendorf place SCHORFJO32VH
Rethmann place RETANNJO32VI
Sunderdiek place SUNIEKJO32VI
Haus Gloria place HAURIAJO32VH
Frehe Knuf place FRENUFJO32VH
Hoge place HOGOGEJO32VI
Hoge part of place HOGOG2JO32VI
Knuf place KNUNUFJO32VH
Lage Bauerschaft LAGAGEJO32VH
Otte place OTTTTEJO32VH
Vogt place VOGOGTJO32VH
Brörmann place BROANNJO32VI
Rottmann place ROTANNJO32VI
Köllmann place KOLANNJO32VI
Frehe-Siermann place FREANNJO32VH
Bruch Bauerschaft BRUUCHJO32VI
Engel place ENGGELJO32VG
Gilde place GILLDEJO32VH
Grewe place GREEWEJO32VH
Krüer place KRUUERJO32VH
Lange place LANNGEJO32VH
Feldmann place FELANNJO32VH
König place KONNIGJO32VI
Prinz place PRIINZJO32UH
Lübke place LUBBKEJO32VG
Suthe place SUTTHEJO32VG
Wiehe Bauerschaft WIEEHEJO32VG
Wöhle place WOHHLEJO32VI
Rahmeyer place RAHYERJO32VI
Lindemann place LINANNJO32VI
Hünefeld place HUNELDJO32VG
Tenberg place TENERGJO32UH
Gertaudenhof place GERHOFJO32VH
Siermann place SIEANNJO32VH
Klingenberg place KLIERGJO32VH
Grothaus place GROAUSJO32VI
Schlickelde Bauerschaft SCHLDEJO32UH
Potthoff place POTOFFJO32VH
Marienhof place MARHOFJO32VH
Höveringhausen Bauerschaft HOVSENJO32VG
Gillhaus place GILAUSJO32VI
Muckhorst Bauerschaft MUCRSTJO32VH
Klötter place KLOTERJO32VH
Burrichter place BURTERJO32VH
Overmeyer place OVEYERJO32VH
Wernsemann place WERANNJO32VH
Halermöller place HALLERJO32VI
Meyjohann place MEYANNJO32VH
Büscher place BUSHERJO32VH
Stehmann place STEANNJO32VH
Mettingen village METGE1JO32VH
Nordhausen Bauerschaft NORSENJO32VH
Brenningmeier place BREIERJO32VG
Leißing place LEIINGJO32VH
Schaphaus place SCHAUSJO32VH
Lüpping place LUPINGJO32VG
Schürbock place SCHOCKJO32VI
Schürmann place SCHAN2JO32VG
Klausmeyer place KLAYERJO32VH
Berentelg Bauerschaft BERELGJO32VH
Veerkamp place VEEAMPJO32VH
Bußmann place BUSANNJO32VH
Hirschemöller place HIRLERJO32VI
Nierenburg Bauerschaft NIEURGJO32VH
Freude place FREUDEJO32VH
Bücker place BUCKERJO32VI

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	has 1828 population 3142 says source_1251995,
	has 2004 population 12456 says source_290471,
	has 2005 population 12354 says source_290473,
	has 2006 population 12277 says source_290472,
	has URL,
	has URL,
	has external reference  geonames:2871540,
	has external reference  opengeodb:20887,
	has external reference  wikidata:Q182174,
	has from 1993-07-01 postal code 49437,
	has from 1993-07-01 postal code 49497,
	has municipal id 05566056,
	has name (in deu) Mettingen,
	has until 1993-06-30 postal code W4532,
	is from 1809 until 1814 part of object_1157366 says source_1156001,
	is from 1813 until 1974 (in deu) Landgemeinde,
	is from 1816 until 1951 part of object_1139299,
	is from 1951 until 1974 part of object_263341,
	is from 1975 (in deu) Gemeinde,
	is from 1975 part of object_1138173,
	is until 1809 part of object_1174788 says source_1174680,
	is until 1974 part of object_263341;
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