Cosel, Kosel


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GOV id
  • Cosel (deu)
  • Kosel (deu) (1885) Source S. 426 Nr. 59
  • rural county
Number of households
  • 675.0 (1895)
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Geographic Position
  • 50.2999°N 18.1531°E calculated center position of the place
  • Number of the German 1:25,000 map sheet: 5774
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Superordinate objects


 political administration

Superordinate objects

Superordinate objects

name Timespan type Source
Kattowitz (1939 - 1945) administrative district
Oppeln (- 1939) administrative district
Schwurgerichtsbezirk Ratibor (1864) zu überprüfen Source S. 40 u. 41

Subordinate objects

name type GOV-Id Timespan
Groß Ellguth Gutsbezirk object_323539 (- 1928)
Groß Ellguth civil registry object_1043021
Groß Ellguth municipality object_1043084 (- 1937-03-31)
Klodnitz civil registry object_1043032
Lenschütz Gutsbezirk object_323562 (- 1928)
Lenschütz Amtsbezirk object_1023102
Lenschütz municipality object_1043115
Lenschütz civil registry object_1043036
Lenartowitz, Waldbrücken, Lenartowice village part of town object_186159 (- 1945)
Lenkau Gutsbezirk object_323561 (- 1928)
Lenkau municipality object_1043114
Lohnau Gutsbezirk object_323565 (- 1928)
Lohnau Amtsbezirk object_1042994
Lohnau municipality object_1043118
Lohnau civil registry object_1043038
Tscheidt Gutsbezirk object_323597 (- 1928)
Tscheidt Amtsbezirk object_1043000
Tscheidt municipality object_1043154
Reinschdorf, Reńska Wieś, Rinska village object_186412 (- 1945)
Goschütz Gutsbezirk object_323538 (- 1928)
Goschütz municipality object_1043083
Miesce Gutsbezirk object_323569 (- 1928)
Miesce municipality object_1043120
Klein Althammer Gutsbezirk object_323550 (- 1928)
Klein Althammer municipality object_1043101
Habicht Gutsbezirk object_323543 (- 1928)
Habicht municipality object_1043092
Pickau, Bytkow, Bytków village object_186409 (- 1945)
Pickau municipality object_1043130
Karchwitz, Neusiedel municipality object_1043100
Lubuschaw, Liebieszowe, Liebischau, Liebenbach, Lubieszów village object_186475 (- 1945)
Groß Nimsdorf Gutsbezirk object_323541 (- 1928)
Groß Nimsdorf civil registry object_1043024
Kandrzin-Pogorzelletz Gutsbezirk object_323548 (- 1928)
Sakrau Gutsbezirk object_323591 (- 1928)
Sakrau Amtsbezirk object_1042998
Sakrau civil registry object_1043051
Oderschlenke, Lissok, Lisak place object_186457
Jacobsdorf Gutsbezirk object_323545 (- 1928)
Jacobsdorf municipality object_1043095
Jacobsdorf civil registry object_1043027
Pawlowitzke Gutsbezirk object_323578 (- 1928)
Pawlowitzke municipality object_1043129
Fischerei municipality object_1043080
Bitschinitz Gutsbezirk object_323525 (- 1928)
Bitschinitz rural municipality object_1043065 (- 1929)
Wronin Gutsbezirk object_323601 (- 1928)
Wronin Amtsbezirk object_1023110
Wronin municipality object_1043161
Wronin civil registry object_1043058
Potzenkarb Gutsbezirk object_323581 (- 1928)
Potzenkarb municipality object_1043134
Comorno Amtsbezirk object_1023101
Comorno Gutsbezirk object_1043062 (- 1928)
Jaborowitz-Kochanietz Gutsbezirk object_1043059 (- 1928)
Kandrzin-Pogorzelletz, Heydebreck O.S. Amtsbezirk object_1197732 (1911-10-01 - 1945)
Vorsicht municipality object_1043156
Mosurau, Mazurav, Mozuraw, Mozuorow, Mosern, Modzurów village object_189072 (- 1927)
Przewos, Fährendorf, Przewóz village object_186447 (- 1945)
Klodnitz Oberförsterei Amtsbezirk object_1023098
Mistitz Gutsbezirk object_323572 (- 1928)
Mistitz municipality object_1043123
Comorno, Komorno civil registry object_1043012
Wielmierzowitz Gutsbezirk object_323600 (- 1928)
Wielmierzowitz Amtsbezirk object_1043001
Wielmierzowitz municipality object_1043159
Miesce, Luisental O.S., Miejsce Kłodnickie village part of town object_186476 (- 1945)
Kuschnitzka, Kuźniczka village part of town KUSZKAJO90CI (1864)
Tscheidt, Maxwaldau, Szczyty (województwo opolskie) village object_186425 (- 1945)
Alt Cosel civil registry object_1043008
Slawentzitz, Ehrenforst Amtsbezirk object_1023094 (1874-04-10 - 1945)
Slawentzitz, Ehrenforst rural municipality municipality object_1043147 (- 1945)
Mosurau Gutsbezirk object_323573 (- 1928)
Mosurau Amtsbezirk object_1023111
Mosurau municipality object_1043124
Mosurau civil registry object_1043041
Dzielau, Teilbach municipality object_1043076
Birawa, Reigersfeld rural municipality municipality object_1043063 (- 1945)
Czissek Gutsbezirk object_323531 (- 1928)
Dobroslawitz, Ehrenhöhe municipality object_1043075
Militsch Gutsbezirk object_323570 (- 1928)
Militsch municipality object_1043121
Dobroslawitz Gutsbezirk object_323534 (- 1928)
Dobroslawitz civil registry object_1043016
Juliusburg municipality object_1043098
Urbanowitz Gutsbezirk object_323598 (- 1928)
Urbanowitz municipality object_1043155
Friedrichsdorf, Mierzęcin village object_186404 (- 1945)
Suckowitz Gutsbezirk object_323594 (- 1928)
Suckowitz municipality object_1043149
Comorno, Komorno, Altenwall, Komorno rural municipality municipality object_1043069
Dembowa Gutsbezirk object_323532 (- 1928)
Trawnig, Trawnik civil registry object_1043055
Klein Grauden, Parvum Grudyn, Klain Grudny, Mala Grudynia, Grudynia Mala village object_186454 (- 1945)
Klein Ellguth Gutsbezirk object_323551 (- 1928)
Klein Ellguth municipality object_1043102
Matzkirch Gutsbezirk object_323566 (- 1928)
Matzkirch municipality object_1043119
Matzkirch civil registry object_1043039
Grenzen, Grzędzin municipality object_186421
Raschowa, Raschowa-Rokitsch, Mittenbrück Amtsbezirk object_1023096 (1874-04-10 - 1945)
Warmunthau municipality object_1043157
Groß Neukirch Amtsbezirk object_1023112
Groß Neukirch municipality object_1043086
Groß Neukirch civil registry object_1043023
Landsmierz municipality object_1043112
Mechnitz Gutsbezirk object_323567 (- 1928)
Mechnitz civil registry object_1043040
Ostrosnitz, Schneidenburg, Ostrożnica village object_186165 (- 1945)
Blazeowitz Gutsbezirk object_323526 (- 1928)
Czienskowitz Gutsbezirk object_323530 (- 1928)
Czienskowitz Amtsbezirk object_1023113
Czienskowitz municipality object_1043070
Czienskowitz civil registry object_1043014
Czienskowitz civil registry object_1043014
Deschenau Amtsbezirk object_1192509
Medar-Blechhammer Gutsbezirk object_323568 (- 1928)
Medar-Blechhammer civil registry object_1144164 (1883)
Jakobsdorf, Jakubowice village object_186479 (- 1945)
Jakobsdorf Amtsbezirk object_1042990
Koske, Hohenflur, Kózki village object_186474 (- 1945)
Jakobswalde, Kotlarnia village object_186164 (- 1945)
Witoclauici, Bytoslauicz, Witoslawitz, Wiesenstein, Witosławice village object_186411 (- 1937)
Czissek, Friedenau municipality object_1043071
Grötsch, Grodzisko village object_186173 (- 1945)
Rogau, Rogi, Koźle Rogi village part of town object_186462
Wiegschütz Gutsbezirk object_323599 (- 1928)
Wiegschütz Amtsbezirk object_1023099
Wiegschütz municipality object_1043158
Wiegschütz civil registry object_1043056
Roschowitzdorf, Gräfenstein, Roszowice village object_186403 (- 1945)
Brzezetz, Birken, Brzeżce rural municipality municipality object_1043064
Gnadenfeld, Pawłowiczki place object_186433 (- 1945)
Warmenthal, Cieply Dol municipality object_279410
Krzanowitz Gutsbezirk object_323557 (- 1928)
Krzanowitz Amtsbezirk object_1042993
Krzanowitz municipality object_1043109
Krzanowitz civil registry object_1043035
Krzanowitz civil registry object_1043035
Müllowitz place object_278538
Blazeowitz, Altweiler, Błażejowice rural municipality municipality object_1043066
Polnisch Neukirch Gutsbezirk object_323580 (- 1928)
Polnisch Neukirch civil registry object_1144165 (1883)
Polnisch Neukirch Amtsbezirk object_1192518
Roschowitzwald, Eichrode, Roszowicki Las village object_186442 (- 1945)
Dziergowitz, Oderwalde municipality object_1043078
Rokitsch Gutsbezirk object_323587 (- 1928)
Rokitsch civil registry object_1043048
Rokitsch rural municipality object_1043141 (- 1928-09-29)
Medar-Blechhammer, Blechhammer, Blachownia Śląska village part of town object_186400 (- 1945)
Groß Grauden Gutsbezirk object_323540 (- 1928)
Groß Grauden Amtsbezirk object_1023109
Groß Grauden municipality object_1043085
Groß Grauden civil registry object_1043022
Groß Grauden municipality object_1043085 (1885)
Cosel, Kosel civil registry object_1043013
Cosel, Kosel Amtsbezirk object_1042988 (- 1945)
Ortowitz, Ortowicz, Rehwalde O.S., Ortowice village object_186163 (- 1945)
Heinrichsdorf municipality object_1043093
Reinschdorf municipality object_1043139
Reinschdorf civil registry object_1043046
Potzenkarb, Potikarw, Rodemark, Pociękarb village object_186435 (- 1945)
Suckowitz, Mühlengrund, Sukowice village object_186439 (- 1945)
Stöblau Gutsbezirk object_323593 (- 1928)
Stöblau Amtsbezirk object_1042999
Stöblau municipality object_1043148
Stöblau civil registry object_1043053
Lenartowitz municipality object_1043113
Dollendzin Gutsbezirk object_323535 (- 1928)
Frost civil registry object_1043018
Koske municipality object_1043107
Rogau Gutsbezirk object_323586 (- 1928)
Rogau Amtsbezirk object_1023100
Rogau municipality object_1043140
Rogau civil registry object_1043047
Jaborowitz, Holderfelde, Jaborowice village object_186418 (- 1945)
Cosel, Kosel, Kosel Stadt object_1023092 (- 1945)
Dziergowitz Gutsbezirk object_323536 (- 1928)
Dziergowitz civil registry object_1043017
Dollendzin, Ludwigstal O. S., Dolędzin part of place object_189030 (- 1927)
Karchwitz Gutsbezirk object_323549 (- 1928)
Karchwitz Amtsbezirk object_1023108
Karchwitz civil registry object_1043031
Karchwitz civil registry object_1043031
Pawlowitzke, Gnadenfeld II, Pawłowiczki village object_186465 (- 1945)
Xienzalonka, Kzienzalonka, Fürstenwiese, Ksieza Laka place object_186428
Kandrzin-Pogorzellet civil registry object_1144203 (1883)
Trawnig, Trawnik, Grünweide O. S., Trawniki village object_186424 (- 1945)
Nesselwitz municipality object_1043125
Mistitz, Schönblick, Miejsce Odrzańskie village object_186422 (- 1945)
Borislawitz, Saßstädt, Borzysławice rural municipality municipality object_1043067
Autischkau, Ucieszków rural municipality municipality object_1023091 (- 1945)
Lichinia, Lichinya, Lichina, Lichtenforst, Lichynia village object_186466 (- 1945)
Dembowa, Eichungen municipality object_1043073
Militsch, Militzo, Milice (województwo opolskie) village object_186423 (- 1945)
Teschenau Gutsbezirk object_323595 (- 1928)
Teschenau municipality object_1043150
Teschenau civil registry object_1043054
Teschenau Amtsbezirk object_1192522
Gieraltowitz Gutsbezirk object_323537 (- 1928)
Gieraltowitz Amtsbezirk object_1042989
Gieraltowitz civil registry object_1043019
Gieraltowitz civil registry object_1043019
Podlesch Gutsbezirk object_323579 (- 1928)
Podlesch municipality object_1043133
Klodnitz, Kłodnica municipality object_1043105
Klodnitz, Kłodnica village town part of town object_186434 (- 1945)
Kostenthal, Gościęcin village object_186397 (- 1945)
Raschowa Gutsbezirk object_323585 (- 1928)
Raschowa civil registry object_1043045
Raschowa rural municipality object_1043138 (- 1928-09-29)
Wittoslawitz municipality object_1043160
Przeborowitz Gutsbezirk object_323582 (- 1928)
Przeborowitz municipality object_1043135
Rzedzitz, Rzetzitz civil registry object_1043050
Roschowitzdorf Gutsbezirk object_323588 (- 1928)
Roschowitzdorf municipality object_1043142
Roschowitzwald municipality object_1043143
Roschowitzwald civil registry object_1043049
Poborschau municipality object_1043132
Czissowa civil registry object_1043015
Nesselwitz, Pokriwnitz, Pokrsisnitze, Pokrzywnica (województwo opolskie) village object_186440 (- 1945)
Niesnaschin Gutsbezirk object_323575 (- 1928)
Niesnaschin municipality object_1043126
Sackenhoym, Grabówka colony village object_186427 (- 1945)
Dzielnitz, Füllstein municipality object_1043077
Groß Nimsdorf, Nacislawice, Naczęsławice village object_186456 (- 1945)
Trawnig Gutsbezirk object_323596 (- 1928)
Trawnig Amtsbezirk object_1023106
Trawnig municipality object_1043151
Trawnig Amtsbezirk object_1023106
Wielmirzowitz civil registry object_1043057
Klein Nimsdorf, Naczyslawki, Naczyslawki village KLEORFJO90BG (- 1945)
Rzetzitz, Riedgrund, Rzeczyce (gmina Pawłowiczki) village part of place object_186431 (- 1945)
Sakrau, Rosengrund, Zakrzów rural municipality municipality object_1043146
Teschenau, Tesznów, Ciesznów village object_186168 (- 1945)
Przeborowitz, Przedborowice, Prziedborowitze, Herberstein village object_186450 (- 1945)
Vorsicht, Opatrzność village part of place object_186171 (- 1945)
Kamionka, Kamionka, Kamenky, Steinbirn village object_186413
Brzezetz Gutsbezirk object_323528 (- 1928)
Urbanowitz, Villa Urbani, Kreuzlinden, Urbanowice village object_186410 (- 1945)
Rzedzitz Gutsbezirk object_323590 (- 1928)
Rzedzitz municipality object_1043144
Pirchwitz municipality object_1043131
Gnadenfeld Amtsbezirk object_1023104
Gnadenfeld municipality object_1043082
Gnadenfeld civil registry object_1043020
Rzetzitz Amtsbezirk object_1023103
Januschkowitz, Oderhain, Januszkowice village object_186162 (1817 - 1945)
Kostenthal Amtsbezirk object_1023107
Kostenthal municipality object_1043108
Kostenthal civil registry object_1043034
Kochanietz Amtsbezirk object_1042992
Kochanietz civil registry object_1144180 (1883)
Czissowa, Dünenfeld municipality object_1043072
Klein Grauden Gutsbezirk object_323552 (- 1928)
Klein Grauden municipality object_1043103
Warmunthau, Warmunthowicz, Warmoltowicze, Warmuntowice part of place WARCZEJO90AF (- 1945)
Lanietz, Lanietz, Hirschgraben, Łaniec village object_186467 (- 1937)
Dobischau, Hochmühl O. S. municipality object_1043074
Stöblau, Steblów (powiat kędzierzyńsko-kozielski) village object_186426 (- 1945)
Polnisch Neukirch, Groß Neukirch, Polska Cerekiew village object_186449 (- 1945)
Lichinia Gutsbezirk object_323564 (- 1928)
Lichinia Amtsbezirk object_1023095
Lichinia municipality object_1043116
Lichinia civil registry object_1043037
Kamionka municipality object_1043099
Kandrzin civil registry object_1043030 (1927)
Wiegschütz, Wegssicz, Weckschitz, Neumannshöh, Większyce village object_186417 (- 1945)
Lenkau, Wolfswiesen, Łąki Kozielskie village object_186460 (- 1945)
Radoschau, Drosselschlag, Radoszowy village object_186461 (- 1945)
Komorno Gutsbezirk object_323556 (- 1928)
Komorno Amtsbezirk object_1192512
Millowitz Gutsbezirk object_323571 (- 1928)
Millowitz municipality object_1043122
Jaborowitz Gutsbezirk object_323544 (- 1928)
Jaborowitz municipality object_1043094
Jaborowitz civil registry object_1043026
Radoschau Gutsbezirk object_323584 (- 1928)
Radoschau Amtsbezirk object_1042997
Radoschau municipality object_1043137
Radoschau civil registry object_1043044
Grzendzin municipality object_1043162
Grzendzin civil registry object_1043025
Kuschnitzka Gutsbezirk object_323558 (- 1928)
Kuschnitzka municipality object_1043110
Kuschnitzka civil registry object_1144185 (1883)
Liebischau Gutsbezirk object_323563 (- 1928)
Liebischau municipality object_1043117
Przewos Gutsbezirk object_323583 (- 1928)
Przewos municipality object_1043136
Przewos civil registry object_1043043
Blechhammer civil registry object_1043010
Mechnitz, Mechniz, Mechnica (województwo opolskie) village object_186432 (- 1945)
Juliusburg, Kradziejów, Radziejów village object_186169 (- 1945)
Alt Cosel, Alt Kosel rural municipality municipality object_1023090 (- 1945)
Autischkau civil registry object_1136513
Mierzenczin, Maßdorf, Mierzęcin colony village object_186419 (- 1945)
Orlowitz Amtsbezirk object_1042995
Medarhütte, Miedarska Huta place object_186430
Sackenhoym municipality object_1043145
Klein Ellguth, Ligota Mala village object_186458 (- 1945)
Wronin, Wronow, Ruronia, Vierraben, Wronin village object_186451 (- 1937)
Langlieben municipality LANBENJO90BG (- 1945)
Langlieben Gutsbezirk object_323559 (- 1928)
Lamietz municipality object_1043111
Lanietz Gutsbezirk object_323560 (- 1928)
Roschowitz Gutsbezirk object_1043060 (- 1928)
Ostrosnitz Gutsbezirk object_323577 (- 1928)
Ostrosnitz Amtsbezirk object_1042996
Ostrosnitz municipality object_1043128
Ostrosnitz civil registry object_1043042
Alt Kosel, Alt Cosel Gutsbezirk object_323523 (- 1928)
Dobischau Gutsbezirk object_323533 (- 1928)
Matzkirch, Maciowakrze village object_186401 (- 1945)
Ortowitz Gutsbezirk object_323576 (- 1928)
Ortowitz municipality object_1043127
Ehrenfeld municipality object_1043079
Podlesch, Unterwalden, Podlesie village object_186416 (- 1945)
Kobelwitz Gutsbezirk object_323555 (- 1928)
Kobelwitz Amtsbezirk object_1042991
Kobelwitz municipality object_1043106
Kobelwitz civil registry object_1043033
Kobelwitz civil registry object_1043033
Jacobswalde, Jakobswalde Gutsbezirk object_323546 (- 1928)
Jacobswalde, Jakobswalde municipality object_1043096
Jacobswalde, Jakobswalde civil registry object_1043028
Gieraltowitz, Gerolsdorf municipality object_1043081
Slawentzitz Gutsbezirk object_323592 (- 1928)
Slawentzitz civil registry object_1043052
Klein Althammer, Stara Kuźnia village LANAWAJO90CG (- 1945)
Raschowa-Rokitsch, Mittenbrück rural municipality municipality object_1080307 (1928-09-30 - 1945)
Borislawitz Gutsbezirk object_323527 (- 1928)
Borislawitz civil registry object_1136514
Poborschau, Poborissow, Eichhagen O. S., Poborszów village object_186441 (- 1945)
Habicht, Jastrzębie village object_279374 (- 1927)
Nesselwitz (= Buttermilchhof) Gutsbezirk object_323574 (- 1928)
Kandrzin-Pogorzelletz, Kandrzin, Heydebreck O.S. rural municipality municipality object_1197733 (- 1945)
Birawa Gutsbezirk object_323524 (- 1928)
Birawa civil registry object_1043009
Birawa civil registry object_1043009
Birken Gutsbezirk object_1042864
Roschowitzwald (= Schippowitz) Gutsbezirk object_323589 (- 1928)
Chrost Gutsbezirk object_323529 (- 1928)
Chrost Amtsbezirk object_1023105
Chrost civil registry object_1043011
Klodnitz Gemeinde Amtsbezirk object_1023097
Klodnitz, Oberförsterei Gutsbezirk object_323554 (- 1928)
Landsmierz, Neudeich, Landzmierz village object_186166 (- 1945)
Grötsch Gutsbezirk object_323542 (- 1928)
Grötsch municipality object_1043087
Chrost, Schönhain O.S., Chrósty rural municipality municipality object_1043068
Januschkowitz Gutsbezirk object_323547 (- 1928)
Januschkowitz municipality object_1043097
Januschkowitz civil registry object_1043029
Neudorf, Jazwiniec place object_186438
Klein Nimsdorf Gutsbezirk object_323553 (- 1928)
Klein Nimsdorf municipality object_1043104

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	gehört 1864 zu object_1166402 says source_277729 (S. 40 u. 41),
	gehört ab 1939 bis 1945 zu adm_368458,
	gehört bis 1939 zu adm_368459,
	hat 1818 Einwohner 24484 says source_355986 (Seite 866),
	hat 1880-12-01 Einwohner 68539 says source_1091743 (S. 149),
	hat 1895 Einwohner 70603,
	hat 1895 Fläche 675.0,
	hat 1900 Einwohner 71146 says source_265044,
	hat 1910 Einwohner 75673 says source_265044,
	heißt  (auf deu) Cosel,
	heißt 1885  (auf deu) Kosel says source_214893 (S. 426 Nr. 59),
	ist (auf deu) Landkreis;
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