Baw Baw


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GOV id
  • Baw Baw (eng)
  • local government
external id
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Geographic Position
  • 38.1129°S 145.9886°E calculated center position of the place

Superordinate objects


 political administration

Superordinate objects

Superordinate objects

name Timespan type Source
Victoria state

Subordinate objects

name type GOV-Id Timespan
Tetoora Road place TETOADQF21WR
Longwarry place LONRRYQF21VV
Shady Creek place SHAEEKQF31AV
Saratoga Farm SAROGAQF21VT
Jordan place JORDANQF32DI
Koeton Farm KOETONQF21XT
Lyndale Farm LYNALEQF21WT
Drouin West place DROESTQF21WV
Myoora Farm MYOORAQF21VV
Nayook place NAYOOKQF22XB
Neerim place NEERIMQF22XA
Noojee place NOOJEEQF32AB
Hallora place HALORAQF21VR
Strzelecki place STRCKIQF21WQ
Tanjil Bren part of place TANRENQF32CB
Rokeby place ROKEBYQF21XW
Thorpdale place THOALEQF31CR
Tarago place TARAGOQF21WW
Vesper place VESPERQF32AB
Drouin South place DROUTHQF21VT
Hiawatha Park Farm HIAARKQF21VU
Nilma North place NILRTHQF21XU
Coalville place COALLEQF31DS
Trafalgar place TRAGARQF31BS
Hill End place HILENDQF31BX
Hillside Farm HILIDEQF21VT
Modella place MODLLAQF21UT
Wahroongam Farm WAHGAMQF21VW
Robin Hood place ROBOODQF21VW
Burnside Farm BURIDEQF21WS
Buln Buln East place BULASTQF31AW
Thorpdale South place THOUTHQF31CQ
Buln Buln place BULULNQF21XV
Trafalgar South place TRAUTHQF31BR
Crossover place CROVERQF21XW
Narracan East place NARASTQF31CR
Gleniris Farm GLERISQF21WS
Glenview Farm GLEIEWQF21VT
Ellinbank place ELLANKQF21XS
Tarago Park Farm TARARKQF21VW
Neerim South place NEEUTHQF21XX
Labertouche place LABCHEQF21VW
Chaldon Hill Farm CHAILLQF21XS
Kelvin Park Farm KELARKQF21VW
Loch Valley place LOCLEYQF32AE
Jindivick place JINICKQF21WX
Fumina South place FUMUTHQF32BB
Bell Heather Farm BELHERQF21XU
Linacre Park Farm LINARKQF21VT
North Jindivick place NORICKQF21XX
Somme Farm Farm SOMARMQF21VU
Neerim East place NEEASTQF32AA
Coopers Creek place COOEEKQF32FA
Yarragon place YARGONQF31AT
Gentle Annie part of place GENNIEQF22WB
The Grove Farm THEOVEQF21WS
The Pines Farm THENESQF21VW
Erica place ERIICAQF32EA
Gould place GOUULDQF31EW
Nilma place NILLMAQF21XT
Sunnyside Farm SUNIDEQF21WV
Woodlands Farm WOONDSQF31CW
Ferndale place FERALEQF21XQ
Aberfeldy place ABELDYQF32EH
Mountain View place MOUIEWQF21WR
Walhalla place WALLLAQF32FB
Brooklyn Farm BROLYNQF21WT
Topiram place TOPRAMQF21VR
Warragul place WARGULQF21XU
Gainsborough place GAIUGHQF21XS
Triholm place TRIOLMQF21VQ
Willow Grove place WILOVEQF31CW
Currawilla Farm CURLLAQF21WV
Sea View place SEAIEWQF21XR
West Jindivick place WESICKQF21WW
The Hollies Farm THEIESQF21WU
Athlone place ATHONEQF21VS
Yarra Wai Farm YARWAIQF21WS
Glen Elgin Farm GLEGINQF21VT
Woodbourne Park Farm WOOARKQF21VX
Poowong East place POOASTQF21VQ
Platina place PLAINAQF32FA
Jesmond Park Farm JESARKQF21VX
Trafalgar East place TRAASTQF31CT
Trafalgar West place TRAESTQF31BS
Baw Baw part of place BAWBAWQF32DG
Moondarra place MOORRAQF31EX
Newlands Farm NEWNDSQF21VV
Thompson place THOSONQF32FA
Brandy Creek place BRAEEKQF21WV
Cloverlea place CLOLEAQF31AS
Lardner place LARNERQF21WT
Childers place CHIERSQF31BQ
Bulls Swamp place BULAMPQF21XS
Glover Lea Farm GLOLEAQF31CW
Lillico place LILICOQF21XU
Allambee place ALLBEEQF31AR
Red Jacket place REDKETQF32DI
Tanjil South place TANUTHQF31DV
Knotts Siding place KNOINGQF32EA
Hawthorn Glen Farm HAWLENQF21XU
Darnum place DARNUMQF31AT
Drouin place DROUINQF21WU
Narracan place NARCANQF31CS
Longwarry North place LONRTHQF21VW
The Grange Farm THENGEQF31DT
Longwarry South place LONUTHQF21VT
Fumina place FUMINAQF32BC

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	gehört zu object_1023938,
	hat externe Kennung  geonames:7839529,
	heißt  (auf eng) Baw Baw,
	ist (auf deu) local government;
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