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GOV id
  • Glenelg (eng)
  • local government
external id
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Geographic Position
  • 38.0106°S 141.5233°E calculated center position of the place

Superordinate objects


 political administration

Superordinate objects

Superordinate objects

name Timespan type Source
Victoria state

Subordinate objects

name type GOV-Id Timespan
Cape Bridgewater place CAPTERQF01QO
Heathmere place HEAEREQF01TS
Magpie Farm MAGPIEQF01TS
Merino place MERINOQF02SG
Mouzie place MOUZIEQF01QT
Myamyn place MYAMYNQF02UA
Nelson place NELSONQF01MW
Surrey Hills Farm SURLLSQF01US
Heywood place HEYOODQF01TU
Tahara place TAHARAQF02UG
Wanwin place WANWINQF01NX
Winnap place WINNAPQF02PB
Hotspur place HOTPURQF02SB
Milltown place MILOWNQF01UW
Wallacedale North place WALRTHQF02VB
Casterton place CASTONQF02QJ
Mount Richmond place MOUONDQF01QR
Denholm Farm DENOLMQF01SS
Mount Clay Farm MOULAYQF01UT
Bahgallah place BAHLAHQF02QI
Castlemaddie Farm CASDIEQF01VS
Lake Condah place LAKDAHQF01VV
Narrawong East place NARASTQF01VS
Narrawong place NARONGQF01US
Homerton place HOMTONQF01VU
Kentbruck place KENUCKQF01PU
Greenwald place GREALDQF02QA
Drumborg place DRUORGQF01TW
Roseneath place ROSATHQF02PN
Oakbank Farm OAKANKQF01TW
Carapook place CAROOKQF02SK
Ardno place ARDDNOQF02MF
Digby place DIGGBYQF02SE
Gorae place GORRAEQF01SS
Henty place HENNTYQF02SH
Lyons place LYOONSQF01RX
Ellangowan Farm ELLWANQF01VT
Cashmore place CASOREQF01RQ
Gorae West place GORESTQF01RS
Wando Bridge place WANDGEQF02RM
Paschendale place PASALEQF02TH
Ettrick Farm ETTICKQF01VU
Drik Drik place DRIRIKQF02PA
Brimboal place BRIOALQF02QO
Breakaway Creek place BREEEKQF01VX
Cape Bridgewater Lower place CAPWERQF01RP
Tyrendarra place TYRRRAQF01VS
Sinclair place SINAIRQF01SW
Strathdownie place STRNIEQF02OG
Portland place PORANDQF01TP
Grassdale place GRAALEQF02TE
Lake Mundi place LAKNDIQF02MK
Wando Vale place WANALEQF02RL
Heathfield place HEAELDQF02NK
Karingal Farm KARGALQF01UU
Wallacedale place WALALEQF02VB
Mumbannar place MUMNARQF02MC
Belmore Farm BELOREQF01UU
Puralka place PURLKAQF02ME
Trewalla place TRELLAQF01SP
Bellevue Farm BELVUEQF01VS
Wattle Bank Farm WATANKQF01SS
Dartmoor place DAROORQF02PB
Bolwarra place BOLRRAQF01TR
Condah place CONDAHQF02VB
Sandford place SANORDQF02RJ
Allestree place ALLREEQF01TR

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	gehört zu object_1023938,
	hat externe Kennung  geonames:7839545,
	heißt  (auf eng) Glenelg,
	ist (auf deu) local government;
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