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GOV id http://gov.genealogy.net/object_1187047
  • Hochsauerland-Ost (deu)
  • deanery (2006 -)
  • rk
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Geographic Position
  • 51.3181°N 8.6379°E calculated center position of the place
  • Number of the German 1:25,000 map sheet: 4617

Superordinate objects


 political administration

Superordinate objects

Superordinate objects

name Timespan type Source
Paderborn (2006 -) diocese archbishopric

Subordinate objects

name type GOV-Id Timespan
Niedersfeld (St. Agatha) parish object_1269126
Obermarsberg (St. Peter und Paul) parish object_1269190
Altastenberg (St. Maria und St. Erasmus) parish object_1269129
Padberg (St. Maria Magdalena) parish object_1269183
Winterberg PR Pfarrverband object_1190036 (2014 -)
Züschen (St. Johannes Bapt.) parish object_1269121
Bruchhausen (St. Cyriakus) parish object_1269151
Bigge-Olsberg PR Pfarrverband object_1189733 (2011 -)
Antfeld (St. Maria Immaculata) parish Expositur object_1190143 (2006 - 2015)
Winterberg-Nord Pfarrverband object_1190037 (- 2014)
Essentho (St. Antonius v. Padua) parish object_1269191
Winterberg (St. Jakobus d. Ä.) parish object_1269123
Heddinghausen (St. Hubertus) parish object_1269187
Grönebach (St. Lambertus) parish object_1269125
Gevelinghausen (St. Maria Magdalena) Pfarrkuratie object_1269153
Scharfenberg (St. Laurentius) parish object_1269166
Medelon (St. Engelbert) Pfarrkuratie object_1269107
Medebach (Ss. Peter und Paul) parish object_1190441 (2006 -)
Canstein-Udorf (St. Laurentius) Pfarrkuratie object_1269188
Hoppecke (St. Marien) Pfarrkuratie object_1269167
Liesen (St. Thomas Ap.) Pfarrkuratie object_1269104
Brilon PR Pfarrverband object_1190014 (2019 -)
Marsberg-Mitte PV Pfarrverband object_1190323 (- 2016)
Hesborn (St. Goar) parish object_1269103
Hallenberg PV Pfarrverband object_1190440 (- 2018)
Niedermarsberg (St. Magnus) Propstei object_1190327 (2006 -)
Bigge (St. Martin) parish object_1190141 (2006 -)
Medebach PV Pfarrverband object_1190439 (- 2018)
Alme (St. Ludgerus) parish object_1188712 (2006 -)
Marsberg PR Pfarrverband object_1190319 (2016 -)
Oberschledorn (St. Antonius Eins.) Pfarrkuratie object_1269099
Beringhausen (St. Markus Ev.) parish object_1269184
Madfeld (St. Margaretha) parish object_1269172
Elpe (St. Lucia) parish Expositur object_1190144 (2006 - 2015)
Neuastenberg (St. Laurentius) parish object_1269122
Brunskappel (St. Servatius) parish object_1269149
Bredelar (Christkönig) Pfarrkuratie object_1269185
Thülen (St. Dionysius) parish object_1269171
Braunshausen (St. Antonius Eins.) Pfarrkuratie object_1269106
Erlinghausen (St. Vitus) Pfarrkuratie object_1269189
Olsberg (St. Nikolaus) parish object_1269155
Küstelberg (St. Laurentius) Pfarrkuratie object_1269101
Helmeringhausen (St. Hubertus) Pfarrkuratie object_1269154
Bontkirchen (St. Vitus) parish object_1269168
Winterberg-Süd Pfarrverband object_1190038 (- 2014)
Bigge PV Pfarrverband object_1189734 (- 2011)
Wiemeringhausen (St. Antonius Eins.) Pfarrkuratie object_1269150
Elkeringhausen (St. Maria Magdalena) Pfarrkuratie object_1269124
Siedlinghausen (St. Johannes Ev.) parish object_1269127
Medebach-Hallenberg PR Pfarrverband object_1190438 (2018 -)
Referinghausen (St. Nikolaus) Pfarrkuratie object_1269100
Rösenbeck (St. Lambertus) Pfarrkuratie object_1269170
Wulmeringhausen (St. Nikolaus) Pfarrkuratie object_1269152
Giershagen (St. Fabian und Sebastian) parish object_1269186
Hallenberg (St. Heribertus) parish object_1269105
Messinghausen (St. Vitus) Pfarrkuratie object_1269169
Düdinghausen (St. Johannes Bapt.) parish object_1269098
Marsberg-Süd PV Pfarrverband object_1190324 (- 2016)
Deifeld (St. Johannes Bapt.) parish object_1269102
Meerhof (St. Laurentius) parish object_1269194
Olsberg-Freier Grund PV Pfarrverband object_1189735 (- 2011)
Silbach (St. Luzia und Willibrord) parish object_1269128
Elleringhausen (St. Laurentius) Pfarrkuratie object_1269212
Oesdorf (St. Johannes Bapt.) parish object_1269193
Brilon (St. Petrus und Andreas) Propstei object_1190016 (2006 -)
Sintfeld-Diemeltal PV Pfarrverband object_1190325 (- 2016)
Assinghausen (St. Katharina) parish object_1188809 (2006 -)
Westheim (St. Vitus) parish object_1269192
Altenbüren (St. Johannes Bapt. Und Agatha) parish object_1269165

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	has denomination rk,
	has name (in deu) Hochsauerland-Ost,
	is from 2006 (in deu) Dekanat,
	is from 2006 part of object_185983;
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