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GOV id
  • parish (1568 - 1945)
  • ev
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Geographic Position
  • 55.2642°N 21.7847°E calculated center position of the place
  • Number of the German 1:25,000 map sheet: 0796


Patronat - Der König.


Superordinate objects


 political administration

Superordinate objects

Superordinate objects

name Timespan type Source
Tilsit (1568 - 1920) diocese
Pogegen (1920 - 1939) Kirchenkreis
Tilsit-Ragnit (1939 - 1945) Kirchenkreis

Subordinate objects

name type GOV-Id Timespan
Gailischken, zu Medischkehmen settlement abandoned place GAIKENKO05WG (1888)
Jurge-Kandscheit, Daubarai settlement village KANEITKO05WG (1907)
Gallus-Wilpien, Minjotai settlement village GALLUSKO05WG (1888)
Altweide, Antšyšiai settlement village ALTIDEKO05VG (1907)
Ostischken, Uostiškiai, Ostiškiai settlement village OSTKENKO05UF (1907)
Schlaunen, Šlauniai settlement village SCHNENKO05VF (1907)
Ackmonischken, Akmeniškiai, Akmonischken settlement village ACKKENKO05WH (1907)
Neu Stremehnen, Naustremeniai settlement village STRNE2KO05VF (1907)
Passon-Reisgen, Reizgiai settlement village REIGENKO05VF (1907)
Alt Stremehnen, Stremeniai settlement village STRNENKO05VG (1907)
Kawohlen, Kavoliai, girininkija settlement abandoned place object_311510 (1907)
Alt Dekinten, Dėkintai settlement village DEKTENKO05VG (1907)
Coadjuthen church object_169388
Neu Dekinten, Dėkintėliai settlement village DEKTENKO05UG (1907)
Peteraten, Pėteraičiai settlement village PETTENKO05WG (1907)
Uikšiai, Uigschen, Uigšiai settlement village UIGHENKO05VG (1907)
Ullosen, Ulozai settlement village ULLSENKO05WG (1907)
Koadjuthen, Coadjuthen, Katyčiai settlement town KOAHENKO05VG (1907)
Kawohlen, Kavoliai settlement village KAWLENKO05UG (1907)
F. Swarreitkehmen, Forsthaus Kawohlen, Forsthaus Swareitkehmen, Svaraitkiemiai, girininkija settlement abandoned place FORMENKO05UF (1907)
Wersmeningken, Versmininkai settlement village WERKENKO05VH (1907)
Medischkehmen, Mediškiemiai settlement village MEDMENKO05WG (1907)
Kallnuggen, Kalnujai settlement village KALGENKO05VG (1907)
Groß Antleiten, Antleičiai, Antleiten settlement village ANTTENKO05UG (1907)
Wallud Ridden settlement WALDENKO05VG (1888)
Aužkykiai, Augskieken, Aukskykiai settlement village AUGKENKO05UG (1907)
Neustubbern, Naustubriai settlement village NEUERNKO05WF (1907)
Kekersen, Kekersai settlement village KEKSENKO05VG (1907)
Laugallen, Laugaliai settlement village LAULENKO05VH (1907)
Matzstubbern, Stubriai settlement village MATERNKO05VF (1907)

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	 TEXT: Patronat - Der König. :TEXT says source_214219,
	gehört ab 1568 bis 1920 zu object_164383,
	gehört ab 1920 bis 1939 zu object_169326,
	gehört ab 1939 bis 1945 zu object_163636,
	hat 1912 Einwohner 5397 says source_214219 (5.397 Seelen),
	hat Konfession ev,
	heißt  (auf deu) Coadjuthen says source_214219 (XII-1. S. 54),
	ist ab 1568 bis 1945 (auf deu) Kirchspiel;
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