Alachua County


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GOV id
  • Alachua County (deu)
  • county
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Geographic Position
  • 29.6689°N 82.3567°W calculated center position of the place
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Superordinate objects


 political administration

Superordinate objects

Superordinate objects

name Timespan type Source
Florida state

Subordinate objects

name type GOV-Id Timespan
Wimberly Estates place WIMTESEL89TQ
Buckingham West place BUCESTEL89SP
Green Grove place GREOVEEL89UP
South Idylwild place SOUILDEL89TO
Saint Mark Cemetery cemetery SAIERYEL89QO
Wacahoota Cemetery cemetery WACERYEL89TL
Old Thomas Cemetery cemetery OLDERYEL89SS
Louise place LOUISEEL89VU
Westgate Manor Mobile Home Park place WESARKEL89TO
Daysville place DAYLLEEL89TP
Country Side Mobile Home Annex place COUNEXEL89QQ
Oak Ridge Cemetery cemetery OAKERYEL89UN
Providence Cemetery cemetery PROERYEL89VP
Cathcart Cemetery cemetery CATERYEL89RS
Hainesworth place HAIRTHEL89ST
Antioch Cemetery cemetery ANTERYEL89XL
Antioch Cemetery cemetery ANTERYEL89TT
Phifer place PHIFEREL89VO
Richard Family Cemetery cemetery RICERYEL89SV
Shannon Wood place SHAOODEL89SP
Northwood place NOROODEL89TQ
Clayton Estates Mobile Home Park place CLAARKEL89TP
Shenks place SHENKSEL89WS
Tacoma place TACOMAEL89UM
Burnetts Lake place BURAKEEL89SS
Newnans Lake Homesites place NEWTESEL89VP
Rocky Point place ROCINTEL89TO
Kreftwood Estates place KRETESEL89UP
Waters Cemetery cemetery WATERYEL89WP
Arredondo Farms Mobile Home Park place ARRARKEL89TO
New Oak Grove Cemetery cemetery NEWERYEL89RV
Micanopy place MICOPYEL89UM
Carlton Cemetery cemetery CARERYEL89XK
Alackaway Tolofa (historical) abandoned place ALACALEL89UM
Riceland place RICANDEL89TO
High Springs place HIGNGSEL89QT
Janes Railroad Station train station JANIONEL89TP
Beckhamtown place BECOWNEL89XP
Lake Alto Estates place LAKTESEL89WS
Rastus Railroad Station train station RASIONEL89SM
Cross Creek place CROEEKEL89WL
Windsor place WINSOREL89VP
Hawthorne Cemetery cemetery HAWERYEL89XO
Free Canaan Cemetery cemetery FREERYEL89WS
Burnt Island island BURANDEL89WL
Malore Gardens place MALENSEL89TO
Asberry Cemetery cemetery ASBERYEL89RU
West Hills Memorial Gardens cemetery WESENSEL89SP
Robinswood place ROBOODEL89TO
Hague Cemetery cemetery HAGERYEL89SS
Johnnys Mobile Home Park place JOHARKEL89QT
Peach Orchard place PEAARDEL89SN
Hixon Island island HIXANDEL89VK
Laurel Grove Cemetery cemetery LAUERYEL89WS
Kanapaha Presbyterian Church Cemetery cemetery KANERYEL89TO
Los Trancos Woods place LOSODSEL89SQ
Mount Nebo Cemetery cemetery MOUERYEL89SR
Waldo Cemetery cemetery WALERYEL89VT
Forest Grove place FOROVEEL89RR
Palmer Railroad Station train station PALIONEL89SN
Westgate Mobile Manor place WESNOREL89TO
Freedom Cemetery cemetery FREERYEL89UT
Earleton place EARTONEL89WR
Alachua Hillcrest Memorial Park cemetery ALAARKEL89UP
Island Grove place ISLOVEEL89WK
Tungroc Railroad Station train station TUNIONEL89UP
New Hope Cemetery cemetery NEWER1EL89RV
Forest Meadows cemetery FOROWSEL89UP
Newnansville Cemetery cemetery NEWERYEL89ST
Wacahoota place WACOTAEL89TN
Grove Park place GROARKEL89WO
Robinson Heights place ROBHTSEL89UO
Rochelle place ROCLLEEL89VO
Kirkwood place KIROODEL89UM
West Park place WESARKEL89TQ
Saluda Cemetery cemetery SALERYEL89WR
Cadillac place CADLACEL89RR
Suburban Heights place SUBHTSEL89TQ
San Francisco Potano (historical) abandoned place SANCALEL89RV
St. Johns Cemetery cemetery STJERYEL89SV
Oak Crest Railroad Station train station OAKIONEL89XO
Gainesville place GAILLEEL89UP
Varsity Mobile Home Villa place VARLLAEL89UQ
Santa Fe Beach place SANACHEL89WS
Shadow Lawn Estates place SHATESEL89TQ
Damascus Cemetery cemetery DAMERYEL89RV
Rex place REXREXEL89WP
Adam place ADADAMEL89RL
Arno place ARNRNOEL89RS
Buda place BUDUDAEL89QS
Wade place WADADEEL89QR
Brittany Estates Mobile Home Park place BRIARKEL89UQ
Bland place BLAANDEL89SV
Clark place CLAARKEL89QS
Hague place HAGGUEEL89SS
Haile place HAIILEEL89RQ
Hasan place HASSANEL89SU
Townsend Cemetery cemetery TOWERYEL89WO
Waldo place WALLDOEL89VS
Morning Star Cemetery cemetery MORERYEL89TQ
McCormick Island island MCCANDEL89VK
Durant Estates place DURTESEL89TP
Micanopy Junction place MICIONEL89VM
Laurel Hill Cemetery cemetery LAUERYEL89RM
Half Moon place HALOONEL89RO
Gainesville Railroad Station train station GAIIONEL89UP
Shiloh Cemetery cemetery SHIERYEL89RM
Evinston place EVITONEL89VL
Oak Park Village Mobile Home Park place OAKARKEL89TO
Idylwild place IDYILDEL89TO
Saint Pauls Cemetery cemetery SAIERYEL89VO
Hydro Railroad Station train station HYDIONEL89TQ
Forest Meadows Memorial Park cemetery FORARKEL89TQ
Traxler place TRALEREL89RU
Lincoln Estates place LINTESEL89UP
Pine Hill Estates place PINTESEL89SP
Orange Heights place ORAHTSEL89WR
Arredondo place ARRNDOEL89TO
Kincaid Hills place KINLLSEL89UP
Monteocha place MONCHAEL89UT
Mount Pleasant Cemetery cemetery MOUERYEL89TQ
Mount Pleasant Cemetery cemetery MOUERYEL89QT
Alachua place ALAHUAEL89SS
Autumn Leaves Mobile Home Park place AUTARKEL89SS
Jonesville place JONLLEEL89RP
Spring Hill place SPRILLEL89RT
Newberry Municipal Cemetery cemetery NEWERYEL89QP
Alachua II (historical) abandoned place ALACALEL89TO
Chantilly Acres place CHARESEL89SR
Kanapaha place KANAHAEL89SO
Lochloosa place LOCOSAEL89WM
Newnansville place NEWLLEEL89ST
South High Springs Railroad Station train station SOUIONEL89QS
Forest Grove Cemetery cemetery FORERYEL89RR
Candlelight Estates Mobile Home Community place CANITYEL89UP
Ruthland place RUTANDEL89UP
Rutledge place RUTDGEEL89TQ
Manka Railroad Station train station MANIONEL89UO
Tompkins Cemetery cemetery TOMERYEL89WL
Rhuda Branch Cemetery cemetery RHUERYEL89TT
Pine Hills Cemetery cemetery PINERYEL89RT
Patrick Cemetery cemetery PATERYEL89UQ
Bonners Mobile Home Park place BONARKEL89SS
Arredondo Estates place ARRTESEL89TO
Paradise place PARISEEL89TQ
Saint John's Cemetery cemetery SAIERYEL89WR
Beville Heights place BEVHTSEL89TP
Melton Manor place MELNOREL89UO
Fairbanks Cemetery cemetery FAIERYEL89UR
Bird Island island BIRANDEL89VK
Pine Grove Cemetery cemetery PINERYEL89UP
Newberry place NEWRRYEL89QP
Cow Hammock island COWOCKEL89WL
Evergreen Cemetery cemetery EVEERYEL89UP
West Hill Cemetery cemetery WESERYEL89SP
Nobel Hill Cemetery cemetery NOBERYEL89QS
University of Florida Agricultural Experimental Farm Farm UNIARMEL89TS
Micanopy Historic Cemetery cemetery MICERYEL89UM
Ideal Trailer Park place IDEARKEL89UQ
Redbird Island island REDANDEL89VK
West Hills place WESLLSEL89TP
Fairbanks place FAINKSEL89UR
High Springs Cemetery cemetery HIGERYEL89QU
Coleman Cemetery cemetery COLERYEL89VN
Alamar Gardens Mobile Home Park place ALAARKEL89TP
Grove Park Cemetery cemetery GROERYEL89WO
Copeland Settlement place COPENTEL89VQ
Jonesville Cemetery cemetery JONERYEL89RP
Cane Hammock island CANOCKEL89WK
Hawthorne place HAWRNEEL89WO
Nelson - Starke Cemetery cemetery NELERYEL89WQ
Pinesville place PINLLEEL89RO
Archer place ARCHEREL89RM
Spring Hill Cemetery cemetery SPRERYEL89RU
Campville place CAMLLEEL89WP
La Crosse place LACSSEEL89TU
Lakeview Estates place LAKTESEL89UP
Clinch place CLINCHEL89TN
Santa Fe place SANAFEEL89SV
Hillcrest Mobile Home Park place HILARKEL89UP
Saint Peter's Cemetery cemetery SAIERYEL89RN

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	gehört zu object_276620,
	heißt  (auf deu) Alachua County,
	ist (auf deu) Kreis;
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