Rockingham County


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GOV id
  • Rockingham County (deu)
  • county (generic) (1769 -)
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Geographic Position
  • 42.9731°N 71.001°W calculated center position of the place
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Superordinate objects


 political administration

Superordinate objects

Superordinate objects

name Timespan type Source
New Hampshire (1769 -) colony country state

Subordinate objects

name type GOV-Id Timespan
Birch Island island BIRANDFN42HX
Deerfield Parade place DEEADEFN43JD
Union Cemetery cemetery UNIERYFN42LV
Union Cemetery cemetery UNIERYFN43OB
Old Town Cemetery cemetery OLDERYFN42LU
Plaice Cove place PLAOVEFN42OW
Sargent Corners place SARERSFN42LU
Atlantic Heights place ATLHTSFN43OC
Plumer Cemetery cemetery PLUERYFN43LB
Cemetery on the Hill cemetery CEMILLFN42IS
Parkman Corner place PARNERFN42MX
Star Island island STAANDFN42QX
Browns Island island BROANDFN42HX
Creek Area place CREREAFN43OB
Lamprey Corners place LAMERSFN42MW
Wedgewood Cemetery cemetery WEDERYFN43OA
Newton place NEWTONFN42LU
Rockingham place ROCHAMFN43MB
Hampton place HAMTONFN42NW
Knowles Island island KNOANDFN42OV
Northwood Center place NORTERFN43JF
Portsmouth Plains place PORINSFN43OB
Smith Colony place SMIONYFN42OW
Smith Corner place SMINERFN42MV
Chester place CHETERFN42IW
North Nottingham place NORHAMFN43KE
Glenwood Cemetery cemetery GLEERYFN42HU
Wentworth Acres place WENRESFN43OC
Northwood place NOROODFN43KE
Log Cabin island LOGBINFN43KC
Lyford Crossing place LYFINGFN43KA
Brick School Corner place BRINERFN42MW
Holy Cross Cemetery cemetery HOLERYFN42HU
Hillside Cemetery cemetery HILERYFN42LW
Willow Grove Cemetery cemetery WILERYFN42LU
Haynes Corner place HAYNERFN42MX
Lambert Farms Farm LAMRMSFN42MW
Goat Island island GOAANDFN43PB
Goat Island island GOAANDFN43NC
White Island island WHIANDFN42QX
Newington Station place NEWIONFN43OC
Wildwood Cemetery cemetery WILERYFN42NU
Newfields Cemetery cemetery NEWERYFN43MB
Forest Hill Cemetery cemetery FORERYFN42IV
Atkinson Heights place ATKHTSFN42KT
Wilson place WILSONFN42HW
South Deerfield place SOUELDFN43IC
Wiggin Cemetery cemetery WIGERYFN43LB
Raymond place RAYONDFN43JA
Commons Island island COMANDFN42OV
South Seabrook place SOUOOKFN42NU
Elmwood Corners place ELMERSFN42OW
North Hampton Mobile Home Park place NORARKFN42OX
Crane Crossing place CRAINGFN42LU
Pike Cemetery cemetery PIKERYFN42NX
Chases Grove place CHAOVEFN42JU
Portsmouth place PORUTHFN43OB
Portsmouth Mobile Homes place PORMESFN43OA
Ladd Cemetery cemetery LADERYFN43LB
Pierce Island island PIEANDFN43PB
Littlefield place LITELDFN43MA
Caswell Cemetery cemetery CASERYFN42QX
James City place JAMITYFN43JD
Meadowbrook place MEAOOKFN43OB
West Hampstead place WESEADFN42JV
Bennett Cemetery cemetery BENERYFN43JF
Hubbard place HUBARDFN42JV
Rye Beach place RYEACHFN42OX
Eastman Corners place EASERSFN42MV
Seabrook Beach place SEAACHFN42OV
Fairview Cemetery cemetery FAIERYFN43IF
Jady Hill place JADILLFN42MX
Nason Corners place NASERSFN42NW
Windham place WINHAMFN42IT
North Londonderry place NORRRYFN42HW
Rye North Beach place RYEACHFN43PA
Bean Island place BEAANDFN43JB
Pest Island island PESANDFN43PB
North Cemetery cemetery NORERYFN42JW
North Cemetery cemetery NORERYFN43OB
Big Island island BIGANDFN43KC
Monahan Corners place MONERSFN42MW
North Hampton Center place NORTERFN42NX
Blunts Island island BLUANDFN43PB
Shapleigh Island island SHAANDFN43PB
Pine Grove Park place PINARKFN42JT
Rollins Farm Farm ROLARMFN43OC
Bersum Gardens place BERENSFN43OB
West Epping place WESINGFN43KA
Leachs Island island LEAANDFN43PB
Little Boars Head place LITEADFN42OW
Hillcrest Estates place HILTESFN43OA
Swan Island island SWAANDFN43NB
North Hampton place NORTONFN42OX
Blacksnake Trailer Park place BLAARKFN42NV
Sagamore Grove place SAGOVEFN43PB
Chase Island island CHAANDFN42JU
Winter Street Cemetery cemetery WINERYFN42MX
Ring Swamp Cemetery cemetery RINERYFN42OW
Austin Corners place AUSERSFN42MV
Acorn Acres place ACORESFN43OA
Little Island island LITANDFN43PB
Cheswell Cemetery cemetery CHEERYFN43MB
North Chester place NORTERFN43IA
Bartlett Cemetery cemetery BARERYFN43JF
Applecrest Farms Farm APPRMSFN42NW
Marshall Corner place MARNERFN42LX
Howards Grove place HOWOVEFN42JU
Sanborn Corners place SANERSFN42NW
Smithtown place SMIOWNFN42NV
South Danville place SOULLEFN42KV
Rockingham County Farm Farm ROCARMFN43LA
Hadley Cemetery cemetery HADERYFN42KV
Lakeview Cemetery cemetery LAKERYFN42JV
Sanborn-Brown Cemetery cemetery SANERYFN42NX
Sanborn place SANORNFN42NW
Sandown place SANOWNFN42JW
Rowes Corner place ROWNERFN42LV
Canobie Lake place CANAKEFN42JT
Cedar Waters place CEDERSFN43LD
Gove Cemetery cemetery GOVERYFN43KC
Walton Landing place WALINGFN42NV
Point of Grave Burial Ground cemetery POIUNDFN43OB
Westview Cemetery cemetery WESERYFN42NW
Lady Isle island LADSLEFN43PB
Central Cemetery cemetery CENERYFN43OA
Tappan Corners place TAPERSFN42MV
Phillips Park place PHIARKFN42NW
Brackett Cemetery cemetery BRAERYFN43MB
Five Corners place FIVERSFN42MW
Newton Junction place NEWIONFN42LU
Camp Hedding place CAMINGFN43LB
Robert Frost Farm Farm ROBARMFN42IU
Governors Island island GOVANDFN42JU
Norton Cemetery cemetery NORERYFN43MB
Cable Road place CABOADFN42OX
Camp Gundalow place CAMLOWFN43NA
East Derry place EASRRYFN42IV
Kingston place KINTONFN42LW
Lower Cemetery cemetery LOWERYFN42NU
Collettes Grove place COLOVEFN42JV
Winniconic place WINNICFN43NA
Four Corners place FOUERSFN43MB
Clampit Island island CLAAN1FN43PB
Westville place WESLLEFN42KT
Wilson Corners place WILERSFN42JT
Saint Marys Cemetery cemetery SAIERYFN43OB
Piscataqua place PISQUAFN43OC
Doles Island island DOLANDFN42NV
Greenland place GREANDFN43OA
Plains Cemetery cemetery PLAERYFN42NW
Old Cemetery cemetery OLDERYFN42JV
Old Cemetery cemetery OLDERYFN42LW
Windham Depot place WINPOTFN42IU
Hen Island island HENANDFN43NC
Mill Hill Cemetery cemetery MILERYFN42LV
West Rye place WESRYEFN43OA
West Windham place WESHAMFN42HT
Boyd Cemetery cemetery BOYERYFN42HT
Seacrest Village place SEAAGEFN43OC
Breakfast Hill place BREILLFN43OA
Hampton Beach Trailer Park place HAMARKFN42OW
East Kingston Cemetery cemetery EASERYFN42MW
New Cemetery cemetery NEWERYFN42KU
Cluffs Crossing place CLUINGFN42JS
Pine Knoll Cemetery cemetery PINERYFN42KV
Wells Cemetery cemetery WELERYFN42JW
Rye place RYERYEFN43OA
Smithtown Cemetery cemetery SMIERYFN42NU
Lawrence Yard Cemetery cemetery LAWERYFN43LB
Weare Corner place WEANERFN42NV
Perkins Hill place PERILLFN42MX
Wadleigh Cemetery cemetery WADERYFN42LX
Derry place DERRRYFN42IV
East Candia Railroad Station train station EASIONFN43IB
Temple Israel Cemetery cemetery TEMERYFN43OB
Salem place SALLEMFN42JS
Fairhill Manor place FAINORFN43PA
Deerfield place DEEELDFN43JD
Colonial Pines place COLNESFN43OA
Long Meadow Cemetery cemetery LONERYFN42IX
Derry Village place DERAGEFN42IV
Puddle Dock (historical) abandoned place PUDCALFN43OB
South Street Cemetery cemetery SOUERYFN43OB
Prescott Corner place PRENERFN42MW
Dudley Cemetery cemetery DUDERYFN42LX
South Newington place SOUTONFN43OB
High Street Cemetery cemetery HIGERYFN42OW
Weares Mill place WEAILLFN42NV
Davis Cemetery cemetery DAVERYFN43LB
Inner Sunk Rocks island INNCKSFN42OV
Littlefield Railroad Station train station LITIONFN43MA
East Hampstead place EASEADFN42KV
Langs Corner place LANNERFN43OA
Prospect Cemetery cemetery PROERYFN43KA
Brentwood Cemetery cemetery BREERYFN42KX
Winnicut Mills place WINLLSFN43NA
Atkinson place ATKSONFN42KU
Village Cemetery cemetery VILERYFN42IW
Beebe Cemetery cemetery BEEERYFN42QX
Atlantic place ATLTICFN42NU
West Kingston place WESTONFN42LV
Adams Trailer Park place ADAARKFN42NV
Coffins Mill place COFILLFN42NW
South Side Cemetery cemetery SOUERYFN43KC
Auburn Railroad Station train station AUBIONFN43HA
Lunging Island island LUNANDFN42QX
Tilton Cemetery cemetery TILERYFN43JD
Foster Corners place FOSERSFN42JS
North Beach place NORACHFN42OW
Londonderry place LONRRYFN42HU
Outer Sunk Rocks island OUTCKSFN42OV
North Salem place NORLEMFN42JU
Majors Rock island MAJOCKFN42OU
Towles Corner place TOWNERFN42MV
Brentwood place BREOODFN42LX
Quaker Cemetery cemetery QUAERYFN43KB
Maplehaven place MAPVENFN43OA
Town Cemetery cemetery TOWERYFN42KU
Great Boars Head place GREEADFN42OW
Ye Old Cemetery cemetery YEOERYFN42KW
Salem Depot place SALPOTFN42JS
Clark Hill place CLAILLFN43MB
Hampton Beach State Recreational Vehicle Park place HAMARKFN42OV
Hampshire Road place HAMOADFN42JR
Severance place SEVNCEFN43HA
Baglett Grove place BAGOVEFN42JV
Happy Hollow Cemetery cemetery HAPERYFN42KU
Dows Corner place DOWNERFN42NX
New Castle Island island NEWANDFN43PB
Hunts Island island HUNANDFN42NV
Shaws Hill place SHAILLFN43PB
Mount Pleasant Cemetery cemetery MOUERYFN42JU
Fogg Corner place FOGNERFN42OX
Fremont Station place FREIONFN42KX
North Epping place NORINGFN43LB
Loon Island island LOOANDFN42JU
Loon Island island LOOANDFN42HX
South Hampton place SOUTONFN42MV
Riverside place RIVIDEFN42OV
Deerfield Parade Cemetery cemetery DEEERYFN43JD
Valley Cemetery cemetery VALERYFN42HU
Beckmans Island island BECANDFN42NV
Kensington place KENTONFN42MW
Farm Dock Farm FAROCKFN42NV
Fogg Corners place FOGERSFN42NV
East Kingston place EASTONFN42LW
Cowbell Corners place COWERSFN42JU
Greenland Cemetery cemetery GREERYFN43NA
Seabrook place SEAOOKFN42NV
Horse Island island HORANDFN43KB
Danville Cemetery cemetery DANERYFN42KW
Grape Islands island GRANDSFN42HX
Eastman Point place EASINTFN42OW
Hampton Landing place HAMINGFN42NW
Riverside Cemetery cemetery RIVERYFN43PB
Riverside Cemetery cemetery RIVERYFN43MB
Gooch Corner place GOONERFN42MX
Onway Lake place ONWAKEFN43JA
Isle of Shoals Lighthouse building ISLUSEFN42QX
Wallis Sands place WALNDSFN43PA
Bebe Cemetery cemetery BEBERYFN42QX
Arlington Park place ARLARKFN42JT
Fremont place FREONTFN42KX
Wrights Island island WRIAN1FN42NU
Lovering Cemetery cemetery LOVERYFN43JA
Candia Four Corners place CANERSFN43IB
Millville place MILLLEFN42JT
Northwood Ridge place NORDGEFN43JF
Vols Island island VOLANDFN43NB
The Willows place THEOWSFN42OV
Seabrook Station place SEAIONFN42NV
Four Tree Island island FOUANDFN43PB
Shel Al Mobile Estates place SHETESFN42OX
Hooks Crossing place HOOINGFN43IA
South Kingston place SOUTONFN42LV
New Castle place NEWTLEFN43PB
Dunvegan Woods place DUNODSFN42OW
North Danville place NORLLEFN42KW
Powwow River place POWVERFN42LV
The Five Corners place THEERSFN42OW
Bayside place BAYIDEFN43NB
Peppermint Corner place PEPNERFN42IU
Town Hall Corner place TOWNERFN42NW
Pannaway Manor place PANNORFN43OB
Pine Grove Cemetery cemetery PINERYFN42JT
Pine Grove Cemetery cemetery PINERYFN42JV
Pine Grove Cemetery cemetery PINERYFN42OW
Doe Cemetery cemetery DOEERYFN43MB
Nottingham Square place NOTAREFN43KC
Goose Island island GOOAN1FN43PB
Pleasant View Cemetery cemetery PLEERYFN42HV
Holy Angels Cemetery cemetery HOLERYFN42KT
Calvary Cemetery cemetery CALERYFN43MB
Calvary Cemetery cemetery CALERYFN43OB
Soldiers Cemetery cemetery SOLERYFN42KV
Greenland Station place GREIONFN43OB
Picnic Island island PICANDFN42HX
Whittier Cemetery cemetery WHIERYFN43IE
Pages Corner place PAGNERFN42KX
Hampstead place HAMEADFN42JU
Christian Shore place CHROREFN43OC
Ye Old Neighborhood Cemetery cemetery YEOERYFN42NX
Foyes Corner place FOYNERFN43PB
West Nottingham place WESHAMFN43KE
West Derry place WESRRYFN42HU
Conleys Grove place CONOVEFN42JU
Pickering Cemetery cemetery PICERYFN43MB
Northwood Narrows place NOROWSFN43JF
Martin Crossing place MARINGFN43KA
Brentwood Corners place BREERSFN43LA
Danville place DANLLEFN42KV
Highland Cemetery cemetery HIGERYFN42LU
Stratham Station place STRIONFN43NB
Cemetery on the Plains cemetery CEMINSFN42IT
Elmwood Cemetery cemetery ELMERYFN42NV
Noyes Terrace place NOYACEFN42JS
Elkins Cemetery cemetery ELKERYFN42NW
Deerfield Center place DEETERFN43JD
Holbrook Cemetery cemetery HOLERYFN43IB
Melrose Beach place MELACHFN43JE
Elwyn Park place ELWARKFN43OA
The Plantation place THEIONFN42OW
Stratham place STRHAMFN43NA
Gosport place GOSORTFN42QX
Cemetery Corners place CEMERSFN42NX
Escumbuit Island island ESCANDFN42JU
East Candia place EASDIAFN43JB
Plaistow place PLATOWFN42KU
Hampton Beach place HAMACHFN42OV
Newfields place NEWLDSFN43MA
Nannie Island island NANANDFN43NB
Hampton Falls place HAMLLSFN42NV
Auburn place AUBURNFN43HA
Greenwood Cemetery cemetery GREER1FN43NA
Center Cemetery cemetery CENERYFN42NX
Center Cemetery cemetery CENERYFN42JW
Center Cemetery cemetery CENERYFN42KW
Candia place CANDIAFN43IB
Newington place NEWTONFN43NC
Auburn Cemetery cemetery AUBERYFN43HA
Nottingham place NOTHAMFN43KC
Epping place EPPINGFN43LA
Sanborn Cemetery cemetery SANERYFN42JX
Sanborn Cemetery cemetery SANERYFN42LX
Exeter place EXETERFN42MX
Sleeper Cemetery cemetery SLEERYFN43KA
Leavitts Hill place LEAILLFN43IC
Newmarket place NEWKETFN43MB

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	has name (in deu) Rockingham County,
	is from 1769 (in deu) Kreis,
	is from 1769 part of object_276680;
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