Frederick County


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GOV id
  • Frederick County (deu)
  • county (1743 -)
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Geographic Position
  • 39.2016°N 78.2259°W calculated center position of the place
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Superordinate objects


 political administration

Superordinate objects

Superordinate objects

name Timespan type Source
Virginia (1743 -) state

Subordinate objects

name type GOV-Id Timespan
Devland Estates place DEVTESFM09UF
White Hall place WHIALLFM09WG
The Knolls place THELLSFM09TG
Paxton Hills place PAXLLSFM09UD
Green Acres place GRERESFM09WE
Whitacre place WHICREFM09UH
Spring Meadows Trailer Park place SPRARKFM09WF
Sherwood Forest place SHEESTFM09VE
Hopewell Meeting House Graveyard cemetery HOPARDFM09WG
Senseny Heights place SENHTSFM09WE
Poplar Ridge place POPDGEFM09UC
De Haveland Estates place DEHTESFM09WG
Mount Pleasant place MOUANTFM09UE
Bufflick Heights place BUFHTSFM09WD
Rolling Hills place ROLLLSFM09UH
Burnt Factory place BURORYFM09XE
Hunters Valley place HUNLEYFM09SE
McQuire place MCQIREFM09UF
Wamplers Trailer Park place WAMARKFM09WF
Hinckle place HINKLEFM09UK
Mountain View Acres place MOURESFM09TH
Rosenberger place ROSGERFM09UE
Indian Hollow place INDLOWFM09UF
Mount Olive Cemetery cemetery MOUERYFM09UF
Bethel Cemetery cemetery BETERYFM09TG
Zeiger place ZEIGERFM09UE
Wellington Acres place WELRESFM09WF
Rolling Fields place ROLLDSFM09WE
Shawnee Land place SHAANDFM09TE
Gainesboro Cemetery cemetery GAIERYFM09UG
Echo Village place ECHAGEFM09VD
Clear Brook place CLEOOKFM09WG
Green Hill Cemetery cemetery GREERYFM09VC
De Haven place DEHVENFM09VI
Fairview Cemetery cemetery FAIERYFM09TG
Fairview Cemetery cemetery FAIERYFM09VB
Opequon Cemetery cemetery OPEERYFM09VD
Wisecarver Cemetery cemetery WISERYFM09UD
Apple View Estates place APPTESFM09WG
Lamps Memorial Church Cemetery cemetery LAMERYFM09UE
Rock Enon place ROCNONFM09TE
Jabbers Hill Cemetery cemetery JABERYFM09XF
Gordondale place GORALEFM09WH
Indian Lake place INDAKEFM09UF
Bloom (historical) abandoned place BLOCALFM09TD
Vaucluse place VAUUSEFM09VB
Bethel Grange Cemetery cemetery BETERYFM09VF
Stonebrook Farms place STORMSFM09VD
Wildwood Hills place WILLLSFM09TH
Klines Mill place KLIILLFM09VB
Cross Junction place CROIONFM09UH
Frederick Heights place FREHTSFM09WE
Miller Heights place MILHTSFM09WD
Shenandoah Memorial Cemetery cemetery SHEERYFM09WD
Arcadia Mobile Home Park place ARCARKFM09WE
Mount Williams place MOUAMSFM09UD
Mountain Falls Park place MOUARKFM09TD
Fairway Heights place FAIHTSFM09UH
Cedar Hill place CEDILLFM09WG
Redbud Cemetery cemetery REDERYFM09WE
Redbud Cemetery cemetery REDER1FM09WE
Woodchuck Heights place WOOHTSFM09VE
High Hill Farm Farm HIGARMFM09UD
Valley Acres place VALRESFM09VD
Southwood Hills place SOULLSFM09UH
Nordic Village place NORAGEFM09UH
Brentwood Terrace place BREACEFM09WE
Fairway Meadows place FAIOWSFM09UH
Payne Mobile Home Park place PAYARKFM09WF
Country Club Heights place COUHTSFM09UH
Hill Crest place HILESTFM09VE
Heritage Hills place HERLLSFM09WE
North Frederick Terrace place NORACEFM09VF
Ash Hollow Estates place ASHTESFM09WE
Cabaniss place CABISSFM09UE
Spring Valley place SPRLEYFM09VF
Welltown place WELOWNFM09WG
Sir John Addition place SIRIONFM09WG
Hodgson Cemetery cemetery HODERYFM09VE
Shenandoah Hills place SHELLSFM09WE
Braddock Hills Estates place BRATESFM09VG
Bartonsville place BARLLEFM09VC
Yeakley Cemetery cemetery YEAERYFM09VF
Salem Cemetery cemetery SALERYFM09UK
Peach Orchard Inn Farms place PEARMSFM09XG
Westwood place WESOODFM09WD
Gainesboro place GAIOROFM09UG
Grouse Hollow Estates place GROTESFM09VG
Gore place GOROREFM09UG
Nain place NAIAINFM09VF
Rest place RESESTFM09XG
Albin place ALBBINFM09VF
Armel place ARMMELFM09WB
Siler place SILLERFM09VI
Tulip place TULLIPFM09VA
Wilde Acres place WILRESFM09TD
Nieswanders Fort place NIEORTFM09UB
Sunnyside place SUNIDEFM09VE
Chambersville place CHALLEFM09VE
Marlboro place MAROROFM09UB
Southview place SOUIEWFM09WD
Hayfield place HAYELDFM09UF
Opequon place OPEUONFM09VD
North Mountain Estates place NORTESFM09TE
Quaker Cemetery cemetery QUAERYFM09UC
Saint Pauls Cemetery cemetery SAIERYFM09UD
College Park place COLARKFM09WD
Timber Ridge place TIMDGEFM09TH
Green Spring place GREINGFM09VH
Lincoln Estates place LINTESFM09UE
Chestnut Grove Estates place CHETESFM09VH
Light (historical) abandoned place LIGCALFM09VH
Jackson Woods place JACODSFM09VD
Stephens City place STEITYFM09VC
Stephens Fort place STEORTFM09UB
Mount Carmel Cemetery cemetery MOUERYFM09UA
Lakewood Acres place LAKRESFM09UH
Stonewall Orchard place STOARDFM09VE
Brookneil place BROEILFM09VD
Upper Ridge Cemetery cemetery UPPERYFM09VF
Rock Enon Springs place ROCNGSFM09TF
Redland Cemetery cemetery REDERYFM09UI
Sunrise Cemetery cemetery SUNERYFM09UC
Stephenson place STESONFM09WF
Ebenezer Cemetery cemetery EBEERYFM09TH
Shockeysville place SHOLLEFM09VJ
Gravel Springs place GRANGSFM09SB
Ole Orchard Estates place OLETESFM09WG
Friendship Cemetery cemetery FRIERYFM09VB
Middletown place MIDOWNFM09UA
Northwood Hills place NORLLSFM09UH
Lake Frederick place LAKICKFM09WB
Hogue Creek Estates place HOGTESFM09UE
Mountain Falls place MOULLSFM09TC
Fairway Estates place FAITESFM09WE
Macedonia Cemetery cemetery MACERYFM09WC
High View Manor place HIGNORFM09UD
Plainfield Heights place PLAHTSFM09VD
Parkins Mills place PARLLSFM09WC
Collinsville place COLLLEFM09UI
Gravel Springs Cemetery cemetery GRAERYFM09SB
Cedar Creek Battlefield place CEDELDFM09UA
Ravenwood Estates place RAVTESFM09WH
Day - Mar Village place DAYAGEFM09VD
Brucetown place BRUOWNFM09XG
Country Club Estates place COUTESFM09WE
Blue Ridge Mobile Home Park place BLUARKFM09WE
Country Park place COUARKFM09WE
Meadow Mills place MEALLSFM09UA
Leetown place LEEOWNFM09XF
Greenwood Heights place GREHTSFM09WD
Cedar Grove place CEDOVEFM09VG
Round Hill place ROUILLFM09VE
Canterburg place CANURGFM09VB
Milburn Cemetery cemetery MILERYFM09WF
Clayhill Farm Farm CLAARMFM09VD
Finger Lake Estates place FINTESFM09TF
Ridings Mill place RIDILLFM09VA
Greenwood Cemetery cemetery GREERYFM09WE
Jordan Springs place JORNGSFM09WF
Mosswood Hills place MOSLLSFM09TH
Layside Estates place LAYTESFM09UE
Old Stone Church Cemetery cemetery OLDERYFM09VH
Burning Knolls place BURLLSFM09WD
Shenandoah Mobile Home Park place SHEARKFM09WD
Brucetown Cemetery cemetery BRUERYFM09XG
Freyco place FREYCOFM09WF
Grimes place GRIMESFM09WG

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	gehört ab 1743 zu object_276698,
	heißt  (auf deu) Frederick County,
	ist ab 1743 (auf deu) Kreis;
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