Places that are approx. 5 km away from Ascherode (ASCODEJO40OV)

name type GOV-Id
Litter Mühle mill LITHLEJO40NU
Froerode abandoned place FROODEJO40NU
Florshain village part of town FLOAIN_W3579
Wiera village part of town WIEERA_W3579
Frankenhain village part of town FRAAIN_W3579
Rommershausen village part of town ROMSEN_W3579
Treysa town part of town TREYSAJO40OW
Wasenberg village part of place WASERG_W3579
Dittershausen village part of town DITSEN_W3579
Ascherode village part of town ASCODEJO40OV
Allendorf an der Landsburg village part of town ALLORFJO40OW
Entenfang Farm abandoned place ENTANGJO40OW
Ransbach part of place RANACH_W3579
Gungelshausen part of place GUNSEN_W3579
Leimbach part of place object_275973
Ziegenhain town part of town ZIEAIN_W3579
Loshausen part of place LOSSEN_W3579
Zella part of place ZELLLA_W3579
Rörshain village part of town RORAIN_W3579
Niedergrenzebach village part of town NIEACH_W3579
Steina part of place STEINA_W3579
Salmshausen part of place SALSEN_W3579
Trutzhain settlement municipality part of town TRUAIN_W3579
Leimsfeld village part of place LEIELD_W3579
Schönborn village part of place SCHORNJO40PW
Schönborn part of place SCHORN_W3579
Steinatal part of place STETAL_W3579
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