Places that are approx. 5 km away from Diebolsheim (DIEEI2JN38TG)

name type GOV-Id
Wittisheim place WITEI1JN38TG
Sundhouse place SUNUS1JN38TG
Bindernheim place BINEI2JN38TG
Bindernheim village commune BINEIMJN38TG
Witternheim place WITEI1JN38TH
Neunkirch, Neunkirchen, Neunkirch hamlet NEURCHJN38TH
Zelsheim (Friesenheim) part of place ZELEIMJN38TG
Zelsheim place ZELEIMJN38TH
Diebolsheim place DIEEI2JN38TG
Friesenheim place FRIEI1JN38UH
Boofzheim place BOOEI1JN38UH
Rhinau place RHINAUJN38UH
Rust, Baden municipality RUSUSTJN38UG
St. Petrus in Ketten (Rust) church object_288723
Kappel am Rhein, Cappel am Rhein Pfarrdorf municipality part of place KAPPELJN38UH
St. Cyprian und Justina (Kappel) church object_288729
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