Places that are approx. 5 km away from Dortelweil (DOREIL_W6369)

name type GOV-Id
Bonames place part of town BONMES_W6000
Steinmühle place STEHLEJO40IF
Nieder-Eschbach place part of town ESCACHJO40IE
Ober-Erlenbach Pfarrdorf OBEACHJO40IF
Harheim place part of town HAREIM_W6369
Bornheim place part of town BOREIM_W6000
Berkersheim place part of town BEREIM_W6000
Nieder-Erlenbach place part of town object_1046973
Petterweil village part of town PETEIL_W6361
Massenheim village MASEIM_W6369
Heilsberg village MASEIMJO40IE
Vilbel, Bad Vilbel village town village town BADBELJO40IE
Dortelweil place DOREIL_W6369
Kloppenheim municipality part of town KLOEIM_W6369
Okarben Pfarrdorf OKABENJO40JG
Karben town KARBENJO40JF
Groß-Karben village part of town object_256137
Klein-Karben village part of town object_256138
Gronau village GRONAUJO40JE
Rendel Pfarrdorf RENDELJO40JF
Niederdorfelden (St. Maria- Hilfe der Christen) church object_1268238
Maintal town MAITALJO40JE
Niederdorfelden municipality NIEDENJO40JE
Marienhof Farm MARHOFJO40JF
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