Places that are approx. 5 km away from Klaushagen (KLAGENJO63TF)

name type GOV-Id
Heckenhaus Bröddin settlement HECDINJO63SF
Bröddin settlement BRODIN_O2091
Warthe church object_167093
Friedhof Warthe  cemetery FRITHEJO63SF
Warthe village part of place WARTHEJO63SF
Rosenow village part of place settlement ROSNO2JO63SG
Rosenow church ROSNO1JO63SG
Kirchhof Rosenow  cemetery KIRNOWJO63SG
Luisenfelde settlement LUILDE_O2091
Eselshütte settlement ESETTE_O2090
Egarsee settlement EGASEE_O2090
Friedhof Hardenbeck  cemetery FRIECKJO63SG
Am Schlangenbruch settlement AMSUCHJO63SF
Forsthaus Schlangenbruch forester's house FORUCHJO63SF
Hardenbeck village part of place HAREC1JO63SG
Hardenbeck church HAREC2JO63SG
Stabeshöhe settlement STAOHE_O2091
Friedhof Jakobshagen  cemetery FRIGENJO63SE
Kirchenfelde Vorwerk KIRLDEJO63SF
Jakobshagen village JAKGE1JO63SE
Kirchhof Jakobshagen  cemetery KIRGENJO63SE
Jakobshagen church JAKGE2JO63SE
Collinshof, Kollinshof settlement COLHOFJO63SF
Uhlenhof settlement UHLHOFJO63SE
Kirchhof Klaushagen cemetery KIRGENJO63SF
Klaushagen church KLAGENJO63SF
Klaushagen village part of place KLAGE1JO63SF
Kiehnhaide settlement KIEIDEJO63SE
Annenhof settlement ANNHOFJO63SE
Suhrhof settlement SUHHOFJO63TF
Koppel settlement KOPPELJO63TE
Friedhof Boitzenburg  cemetery FRIURGJO63TG
Lichtenhain settlement LICAINJO63TF
Herzfelde village HERLD1JO63TE
Kirchhof  Boitzenburg  cemetery KIRURGJO63TG
Boitzenburg/St. Marien church object_166567
Herzfelde church object_167091
Boitzenburg village part of place BOIUR1JO63TG
Sternthal settlement STEHALJO63TF
Forsthaus Thiergarten forester's house FORTENJO63TG
Lindensee settlement LINSEEJO63TG
Wichmannsdorf village part of place WICOR1JO63TF
Wichmannsdorf church object_166553
Seeburg settlement SEEURGJO63TE
Rummelpforter Mühle mill RUMHLEJO63TG
Ruhehof, Ruhhof settlement RUHHOF_O2131
Pappelwerder settlement PAPDER_O2091
Forsthaus settlement FORAUSJO63TE
Friedhof Mittenwalde cemetery FRILDEJO63TE
Lehmannshof settlement LEHHOFJO63TG
Mittenwalde village MITLDEJO63TE
Friedhof Kuhz  cemetery FRIUHZJO63TF
Kuhz village part of place settlement KUHUHZJO63TF
Kuhz church object_166577
Kirchhof Mittenwalde cemetery KIRLDEJO63TE
Mittenwalde church MITLD1JO63TE
Karolinenhof settlement KARHOFJO63UE
Garlieb-Hof settlement GARHOFJO63UF
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