Places that are approx. 5 km away from Neugruna (NEUUNAJO61VB)

name type GOV-Id
Dresden/ Bartholomäuskirche, Dresden/Annenkirche church object_174551
Nöthnitz part of place NOTITZJO61UA
Reitbahngasse place REISSEJO61UB
Räcknitz part of town RACITZJO61UA
Rosentitz part of place ROSITZJO61UA
Dresden/Lukaskirche church object_174561
Dresden/Hofkirche (Sophienkirche) church ruins object_177564
Dresden/St.Petrikirche church object_174617
Seevorstadt-West part of town SEEESTJO61UB
Dresden (Kathedrale Ss. Trinitatis) church object_383712
Altstadt part of town ALTADTJO61UA
Dresden/Kreuzkirche church object_174545
Leipziger Vorstadt part of town LEIADTJO61UB
Dresden/Dom (Frauenkirche) church object_177568
Dresden-Neustadt/Dreikönigskirche church object_174615
Mockritz place MOCITZJO61VA
Innere Neustadt part of town NEUADTJO61VB
Dresden/St.Pauli church object_174625
Gostritz part of town GOSITZJO61UA
Pirnaische Vorstadt part of town PIRADTJO61VB
Dresden/Johanneskirche church object_177572
Antonstadt part of town ANTADTJO61VB
Dresden/Martin-Luther-Kirche church object_174613
Seevorstadt-Ost part of town SEEOSTJO61VA
Dresden (St. Martin) church DRETINJO61VB
Strehlen part of town STRLENJO61VA
Dresden-Strehlen/Christuskirche church object_174533
Leubnitz-Neuostra settlement LEUTRA_O8010
Leubnitz-Neuostra church object_174535
Dresden/Trinitatiskirche church ruins object_174559
Johannstadt part of town JOHADT_O8010
Albertstadt part of town ALBADTJO61VB
Dresden-Johannstadt (Herz Jesu) church object_383714
Radeberger Vorstadt part of town RADADTJO61VB
Dresden-Striesen/Erlöserkirche church object_174531
Dresden/Erlöser-Andreaskirche church object_174565
Dresden-Gruna/Thomaskirche church object_174547
Torna part of town TOMOMAJO61VA
Gruna part of town GRUUNAJO61VA
Striesen part of town STRSEN_O8010
Blasewitz municipality part of town BLAITZJO61VB
Dresden-Prohlis church object_174523
Reick part of town REIICKJO61VA
Prohlis part of town PROLISJO61VA
Albertpark part of town ALBARKJO61VB
Dresden/Versöhnungskirche church DRECHEJO61VB
Seidnitz part of town SEIITZ_O8010
Dresden-Seidnitz/Nazarethkirche church object_174529
Dresden-Blasewitz/Heilig-Geist-Kirche church object_174563
Neugruna part of town NEUUNAJO61VB
Neuseidnitz part of town NEUITZJO61VA
Loschwitz village part of place LOSIT1JO61VB
Dobritz part of town DOBITZJO61VA
Dresden-Loschwitz church object_174553
Niedersedlitz municipality part of town NIEITZJO60VX
Dresden-Weißer Hirsch church object_174577
Weißer Hirsch part of place WEISCHJO61WB
Tolkewitz part of town TOLITZJO61VA
Dresden-Tolkewitz/Bethlehemkirche church object_174525
Dresden-Leuben/Himmelfahrtskirche church object_174539
Leuben part of town LEUBENJO61VA
Wachwitz part of town WACITZJO61WA
Rochwitz part of town ROCITZJO61WB
Großzschachwitz, Zschachwitz village part of town ZSCITZJO61WA
Niederpoyritz municipality part of place NIEITZJO61WA
Bühlau part of town BUHLAUJO61WB
Laubegast place LAUASTJO61WA
Zschachwitz/Stephanuskirche church object_177160
Pappritz municipality part of place PAPITZJO61WA
Zscheisewitz, Kleinzschachwitz village part of place KLEITZJO61WA
Meußlitz part of town MEUITZJO61WA
Bühlau/Erlöserkirche, Bühlau/St. Michael church object_174607
Dresden-Hosterwitz /Maria am Wasser, Hosterwitz/Maria am Wasser church object_174543
Hosterwitz village part of town HOSIT1JO61WA
Helfenberg part of place HELERG_O8101
Rockau municipality part of place ROCKAU_O8101
Hosterwitz (Maria am Wege) chapel HOSEGEJO61WA
Gönnsdorf municipality part of place GONORFJO61WA
Pillnitz village part of town PILITZJO61WA
Eichbusch part of place EICSCHJO61WA
Cunnersdorf municipality part of place CUNORFJO61WA
Malschendorf municipality part of place MALORFJO61WA
Weißig village part of place WEISI1JO61WB
Krieschendorf municipality part of place KRIORF_O8101
Weißig church object_174585
Schönfeld village part of place SCHEL1JO61WA
Oberpoyritz municipality part of place OBEITZJO61WA
Schönfeld church object_174603
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