Places that are approx. 5 km away from Oelze (OELLZEJO50MN)

name type GOV-Id
Fehrenbach municipality part of place FEHACH_O6121
Altenfeld church object_182680
Altenfeld municipality ALTELDJO50LN
Masserberg part of place MASERGJO50LM
Masserberg church object_182452
Goldisthal municipality GOLHALJO50MM
Grundsmühle settlement GRUHLEJO50MN
Großbreitenbach town GROACHJO50MO
Leutnantsmühle settlement LEUHLEJO50MN
Hundertpfund settlement HUNUNDJO50MN
Massathal part of place MASHALJO50MM
Großbreitenbach church object_182684
Masserhammer part of place MASMERJO50MM
Oberhammer municipality part of place OBEMERJO50MM
Schwagerhammer part of place SCHMERJO50MN
Oelze part of place OELLZ1JO50MN
Rohrhammer part of place ROHMERJO50MN
Katzhütte part of place KATTT1JO50MN
Katzhütte church object_182780
Schwarzmühle municipality part of place SCHHLEJO50NN
Meuselbach municipality part of place MEUACHJO50UT
Meuselbach-Schwarzmühle church object_182768
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