Places that are approx. 5 km away from Schillingstedt (SCHEDTJO51OF)

name type GOV-Id
Waltersdorf municipality part of place WALORFJO51NF
Waltersdorf church object_160151
Scherndorf municipality part of place SCHORFJO51NE
Griefstedt municipality GRIEDTJO51NF
Griefstedt/St. Michael church object_161286
Kannawurf municipality KANURF_O4731
Kannawurf church object_161279
Leubingen/St. Petri church object_161427
Leubingen municipality part of place LEUGENJO51NE
Büchel municipality BUCHELJO51NF
Büchel/St. Ulrich church object_161289
Etzleben church object_161287
Etzleben municipality ETZBEN_O4731
Stödten church object_161414
Stödten municipality part of place STOTENJO51OE
Gorsleben municipality GORBEN_O4731
Dermsdorf church object_161420
Dermsdorf municipality part of place DERORFJO51OE
Schillingstedt municipality SCHEDTJO51OF
Schillingstedt church object_161417
Durholdsche Mühle mill DURHLEJO51OE
Hemleben municipality HEMBEN_O4731
Hemleben church object_161285
Harras municipality part of place HARRAS_O4731
Altenbeichlingen municipality part of place ALTGENJO51OF
Harras church object_161281
Altenbeichlingen/St. Bonifatius church object_161425
Kölleda/St. Wipperti church object_161418
Kölleda town KOLEDAJO51OE
Beichlingen church object_161423
Beichlingen municipality BEIGENJO51PF
Battgendorf municipality part of place BATORFJO51PE
Battgendorf/St. Katharin church object_161421
Lundershausen settlement LUNSEN_O4731
Hauteroda/St. Martini church object_161283
Hauteroda municipality HAUODA_O4731
Backleben municipality part of place BACBENJO51PE
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