Places that are approx. 5 km away from Schönstein (SCHEIN_W3579)

name type GOV-Id
Ellnrode village part of town ELLODE_W3571
Herbelhausen village part of town HERSENJO41LA
Schiffelbach village part of town SCHACH_W3571
Battenhausen village part of place BATSEN_W3591
Moischeid village part of place MOIEID_W3579
Dodenhausen part of place DODSEN_W3579
Haddenberg part of place HADERG_W3591
Schönstein village part of place SCHEIN_W3579
Gilserberg church object_293818
Schloßmühle, Schönsteiner Mühl, Schloßmühle mill abandoned place SCHHLEJO40MX
Willingshausen, Gilserberg village part of place object_293831
Hüchel-Mühle, Hüchelmühle, Heuchelmoln, Huchelmühle mill object_301199
Norden-Mühle, Nordemühle, Norde-Mühle, Nodenmühle, Norrmühl, Nordmühl, Nordemühle, Nordenmühle mill NORHLE_W3579
Schönau village part of place SCHNAU_W3579
Schönau church object_293819
Fischbach part of place FISACHJO41MA
Schmidtmühle mill SCHHLE_W3579
Densberg village part of place DENERG_W3579
Sebbeterode village part of place SEBODE_W3579
Sebbeterode church object_171343
Brünchenhain place BRUAIN_W3579
Richerode Farm RICODE_W3579
Hundshausen village part of place HUNSEN_W3579
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