Places that are approx. 5 km away from Neue Sorge (SORRGE_O3401)

name type GOV-Id
Hohenlochau part of place HOHHAU_O3401
Schora/St. Moritz church object_161198
Schora settlement SCHORAJO62AA
Göbel settlement GOBBELJO62AB
Göbel filial church GOBBE1JO62AB
Moritzer Mühle settlement MORHLEJO62AA
Buhlendorf settlement BUHORFJO62AA
Hobeck church object_160725
Hobeck settlement HOBECKJO62AB
Hobeck manor (building) object_1092931
Klepps settlement KLEPPSJO62AC
Klepps filial church KLEPP1JO62AC
Neue Sorge settlement SORRGE_O3401
Diesingshof settlement DIEHOFJO62AC
Alte Sorge settlement SORRG1_O3401
Ziegelei settlement ZIELEIJO62AA
Ev. Kirche/Strinum church object_149774
Zernitz settlement ZERITZJO62BA
Strinum settlement STRNUMJO62BA
St. Petrikirche/Zernitz church STPITZJO62BA
Alte Mühle settlement ALTHLEJO62BA
Vordamm settlement VORAMMJO62BA
Wahl part of place WAHAHL_O3404
Kuhberge settlement KUHRGEJO62BA
Lindau church object_149653
Lindau town settlement LINDAUJO62BA
Lietzo settlement LIETZOJO62BB
Neue Mühle settlement NEUHLEJO62BA
Isterbies manor (building) ISTIE2JO62BC
Isterbies settlement ISTIESJO62BC
Quast settlement QUAASTJO62BB
Isterbies filial church ISTIE1JO62BC
Kerchau settlement KERHAUJO62BA
Zollmühle settlement ZOLHLE_O3401
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