Places that are approx. 5 km away from Spesenroth (SPEOTHJO30RA)

name type GOV-Id
Blümlingshof place BLUHOF_W5449
Krastel place part of place KRATEL_W5448
Greiserhof place GREHOF_W5449
Völkenroth place part of place VOLOTH_W5448
Rothenbergerhof, Hunsrück place ROTHOF_W5448
Hundheim place part of place HUNEIMJO30RA
Bell (Hunsrück) Ortsgemeinde BELELLJO30RB
Wüschheim Ortsgemeinde WUSEIMJO30RA
Reich Ortsgemeinde REIICHJO30RA
Biebern Ortsgemeinde BIEERNJO30RA
Hasselbach Ortsgemeinde HASACHJO30RA
Kastellaun Ortsgemeinde town KASAUNJO30RB
Michelbach Ortsgemeinde MICACHJO30RA
Roth Ortsgemeinde ROTOTHJO30RB
Taubenmühle place TAUHLE_W6541
Klopp place KLOOPP_W6541
Alterkülz Ortsgemeinde ALTULZJO30RA
Spesenroth Ortsgemeinde SPEOTHJO30RA
Gammelshausen place GAMSENJO30RB
Hollnich Ortsgemeinde HOLICHJO30RB
Binnenbergermühle place BINHLE_W5449
Gaß place GASGASJO30SA
Külz (Hunsrück) Ortsgemeinde KULULZJO30SA
Dilligsmühle place DILHLE_W6541
Ebschied part of place EBSIEDJO30SB
Laubach Ortsgemeinde LAUACHJO30SB
Klosterchumbd place KLOMBDJO30SA
Niederchumbd, Niederkumbd Ortsgemeinde NIEMBDJO30SA
Tannenhöfe place TANOFE_W6540
Klosterkumbd, Klosterchumbd Ortsgemeinde KLOMBD_W6540
Bubach Ortsgemeinde BUBACHJO30SB
Horn Ortsgemeinde HORORNJO30SB
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