Places that are approx. 5 km away from Wahlen (WAHLENJN49KO)

name type GOV-Id
Münschbach, Minsbach part of place MUNACH_W6949
Lützelrimbach, Lutzelnrinpach, Luzeln Rimpach, Lutzelrimpach, Litzel-Rumpach, Lutzelrimbach, Litzrimbach settlement object_1086480
Fürth church object_169266
Fürth place FURRTHJN49JP
Unter-Mengelbach, Unter-Möngelbach part of place MENACH_W6948
Ober-Mengelbach place MENAC1_W6948
Steinbach place STEAC1JN49JP
Kröckelbach place KROAC1JN49JP
Stallenkandel place STADEL_W6948
Gadern place GADER1JN49JO
Tromm part of place TROOMM_W6949
Steckelsberg place STEERG_W6949
Wald-Michelbach place object_1264102
Wald-Michelbach church object_169268
Ober-Scharbach place OBEACHJN49JO
Hammelbach church object_169288
Hammelbach place HAMAC1JN49JP
Litzelbach place LITACHJN49KO
Hartenrod part of place HARRO1JN49KO
Kocherbach place KOCACHJN49KO
Hammelbach (Hl. Familie und Hl. Walburga) Pfarrkuratie object_211782
Unter-Scharbach place UNTAC1JN49KO
Affolterbach church object_169264
Affolterbach place AFFAC1JN49KO
Wahlen place WAHLE1JN49KO
Gras-Ellenbach place GRAAC1JN49KP
Aschbach place ASCAC1JN49KN
Dürr-Ellenbach place DURACHJN49KN
Hiltersklingen part of place HILGE2JN49KP
Ober-Hiltersklingen place HILGENJN49KP
Olfen, Olffen, Ulfen, Olffen, Ulffen, Alffen, Alue, Olffen village part of town OLFFENJN49KO
Güttersbach part of place GUTACHJN49KO
Unter-Mossau part of place UNTSAUJN49LP
Airlenbach, Erlebach, Erlebach, Erlebach, Erlenbach, Eerlenbach, Eyrlenbach, Ayrlenbach, Erlebach village part of town AIRACHJN49LO
Hüttenthal part of place HUTHALJN49LO
Mossautal municipality MOSTALJN49LP
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