Places that are approx. 5 km away from Magdeburg (adm_145303)

name type GOV-Id
Magdeburg-Diesdorf church object_160750
Diesdorf municipality part of town DIEORFJO52SC
Olvenstedt, Alt Olvenstedt municipality part of town OLVEDTJO52SD
Ottersleben municipality part of town OTTBENJO52SC
Magdeburg (Maria Hilfe der Christen), Magdeburg (Maria Hilf) Nebenkirche church Nebenkirche MAGILFJO52SC
Magdeburg (St. Josef) chapel MAGSEFJO52SD
Magdeburg (St. Josef) church MAGSE1JO52SD
Groß-Ottersleben/St.Stephani church object_160109
Groß Ottersleben village object_406815
Benneckenbeck, Bönnickenbeck municipality part of place BENECKJO52TC
Neu Olvenstedt part of town NEUEDTJO52TD
Stadtfeld West part of town STAESTJO52TD
Sudenburg village part of town SUDURGJO52TC
Lemsdorf municipality part of town LEMORF_O3010
Magdeburg-Lemsdorf church object_160758
Beyendorfer Grund part of town BEYUND_O3010
St.-Marienstift-Kapelle Magdeburg chapel STMURGJO52TD
Magdeburg (St. Marien) Nebenkirche church MAGIENJO52TC
Magdeburg (St. Adalbert) Nebenkirche church Nebenkirche MAGERTJO52TD
Großer Silberberg part of town GROERG_O3010
Neustädter Feld part of town NEUELD_O3035
Reform part of town REFORM_O3010
Stadtfeld Ost part of town STAELD_O3010
Leipziger Straße part of town LEISSEJO52TC
Nordwest part of town NORESTJO52TD
Magdeburg/St. Sebastian, Magdeburg (Propsteikirche St. Sebastian), Magdeburg (Kathedrale St. Sebastian) church ruins church church MAGIANJO52SC
Magdeburg/Dom church object_160764
Altstadt part of town ALTADTJO52TD
Magdeburg town MAGURGJO52TC
Magdeburg-Buckau church object_160756
Magdeburg (St. Norbert) church Nebenkirche MAGERTJO52TC
Magdeburg/Heilig-Geist church object_160759
Neustadt, Neue Neustadt village part of town NEUADTJO52TD
Magdeburg/St.Nikolai church object_160762
Buckau village part of town BUCKAUJO52TC
Hopfengarten part of town HOPTEN_O3010
Magdeburg (St. Agnes) Nebenkirche church Nebenkirche MAGNESJO52TD
Werder part of town WERDERJO52TC
Magdalenenkapelle Magdeburg chapel MAGURGJO52TD
Magdeburg/St. Petri, Magdeburg (St. Petri) church Nebenkirche object_160753
Lüttgen-Salbke settlement LUTBKEJO52TB
Fermersleben municipality part of town FERBENJO52TC
Alte Neustadt part of town ALTAD1JO52TD
Magdeburg/Luther church object_160751
Magdeburg-Cracau (St. Andreas) Nebenkirche church Nebenkirche MAGEASJO52TC
Magdeburg-Cracau church object_160761
Friedrichstadt, Brückfeld part of town BRUELD_O3010
Magdeburg-Fermersleben church object_160760
Salbke municipality part of town SALBKEJO52UB
Cracau, Krakau rural municipality part of town CRACAU_O3010
Magdeburg-Salbke church object_160748
Magdeburg (St. Johannes Baptist) church MAGISTJO52UB
Prester, Magdeburg-Prester, Magdeburg-Prester/Immanuelkirche filial church church object_160746
Prester settlement PRETERJO52UC
Herrenkrug part of town HERRUG_O3010
Waldschänke Biederitz settlement WALITZJO52UD
Berliner Chaussee part of town BERSEEJO52UD
Kreuzhorst settlement KRERSTJO52UB
Friedensweiler settlement FRILERJO52UC
Försterei Biederitz settlement FORITZJO52UD
Pechau/St. Thomas church object_161190
Biederitz church object_160728
Pechau settlement PECHAUJO52UC
Biederitz settlement BIEITZJO52UE
Zipkeleben settlement ZIPBENJO52UC
Biederitz (Heilig Kreuz) church BIEEUZJO52UD
Mühlenkolk settlement MUHOLKJO52UC
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