Places that are approx. 5 km away from Ostend (object_1046959)

name type GOV-Id
Heddernheim place part of town HEDEIM_W6000
Niederrad place part of town NIERAD_W6000
Bockenheim place part of town BOCEIM_W6000
Ginnheim place part of town GINEIM_W6000
Eschersheim place part of town ESCEIM_W6000
Frankfurt am Main town FRAURTJO40IC
Eckenheim place part of town ECKEIM_W6000
Frankfurt/Nikolai church object_168178
Frankfurt (Dom St. Bartholomäus) church FRAAUSJO40IC
Frankfurt (St. Bernhard) church filial church object_299437
Preungesheim place part of town PREEIM_W6000
Frankfurt (St. Michael) church filial church STMENDJO40ID
Frankfurt (Allerheiligen) church filial church FRAGENJO40IC
Frankfurt (St. Josef - Bornheim) church STJEIMJO40IC
Frankfurt (St. Katharinen-Krankenhaus-Kapelle) chapel FRALLEJO40ID
Frankfurt (Heilig Kreuz) church filial church HEIEUZJO40ID
Frankfurt (Maria Rosenkranz) church MARANZJO40ID
Oberrad place part of town OBERAD_W6000
Seckbach place part of town SECACH_W6000
Riederwald part of town RIEALD_W6000
Frankfurt (Heilig Geist) church HEIISTJO40ID
Bergen part of place BERGENJO40JD
Frankfurt (St. Hildegard) filial church object_1047036
Enkheim part of place ENKEIMJO40JD
Offenbach am Main town OFFACHJO40JC
Frankfurt (Herz Jesu) church HERESUJO40JD
Fechenheim place part of town FECEIM_W6000
Bürgel village part of town BURGEL_W6050
Maintal town MAITALJO40JE
Rumpenheim municipality part of town RUMEIM_W6050
Bischofsheim village part of place object_213971
Bieber municipality part of town BIEBER_W6050
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