Places that are approx. 5 km away from Berkholz (object_1086253)

name type GOV-Id
Krewitzer Ziegelei settlement KRELEIJO63TG
Forsthaus Gehege forester's house FOREGEJO63TG
Friedhof Boitzenburg  cemetery FRIURGJO63TG
Waldsiedlung part of place Gemeindeteil WALUNGJO63TH
Kirchhof  Boitzenburg  cemetery KIRURGJO63TG
Boitzenburg/St. Marien church object_166567
Boitzenburg village part of place BOIUR1JO63TG
Forsthaus Zerwelin forester's house FORLINJO63TH
Heckenhaus Zerwelin settlement HECLINJO63TH
Vorwerk Zerwelin, Zerwelin Vorwerk ZERLINJO63TG
Forsthaus Thiergarten forester's house FORTENJO63TG
Lindensee settlement LINSEEJO63TG
Neu Zerwelin, Neu Zervelin settlement NEULINJO63TG
Wichmannsdorf village part of place WICOR1JO63TF
Wichmannsdorf church object_166553
Heckenhaus Berkholz settlement HECOLZJO63TG
Rummelpforter Mühle mill RUMHLEJO63TG
Lehmannshof settlement LEHHOFJO63TG
Kirchhof  Berkholz  cemetery KIROLZJO63TG
Berkholz church BEROL1JO63TG
Berkholz village part of place BEROL2JO63TG
Kirchhof Naugarten  cemetery KIRTENJO63UH
Naugarten church NAUTE1JO63UH
Naugarten village part of place village part of place NAUTE2JO63UH
Kröchlendorff church KRORFFJO63UG
Kröchlendorff settlement part of place Gemeindeteil KRORF1JO63UG
Dühnhof settlement Vorwerk DUHHOFJO63UH
Gollmitz village part of place GOLIT1JO63UH
Beenz village part of place Gemeindeteil BEEENZJO63UG
Kirchhof Gollmitz  cemetery KIRITZJO63UH
Gollmitz church object_166569
Friedhof Gollmitz  cemetery FRIITZJO63UH
Klein Sperrenwalde settlement Gemeindeteil KLELDEJO63UG
Birkenhain part of place settlement BIRAIN_O2131
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