Places that are approx. 5 km away from Lübnitz (object_1129148)

name type GOV-Id
Nonnenheide settlement NONIDEJO62EE
Dahlen church DAHLE1JO62FF
Friedhof Dahlen cemetery FRILENJO62FF
Dahlen settlement DAHLENJO62FF
Arensnest part of place Gemeindeteil AREESTJO62FD
Wohnheim settlement WOHEIMJO62FE
Forsthaus Schrödershütte forester's house FORTTEJO62FE
Friedhof Schlamau  cemetery FRIMAUJO62FD
Schlamau church SCHMA1JO62FD
Schlamau village part of place SCHMA2JO62FD
Hohenspringe part of place Gemeindeteil HOHNGE_O1821
Benken village part of place BENKENJO62FD
Kirchhof Benken cemetery KIRKENJO62FD
Benken church BENKE1JO62FD
Friedhof Werbig cemetery FRIBIGJO62FE
Werbig church WERBI2JO62FE
Werbig, Neuwerbig village part of place WERBI1JO62FE
Egelinde settlement EGENDE_O1821
Verlorenwasser part of place Gemeindeteil VERSERJO62FE
Schmerwitz part of place Gemeindeteil SCHITZJO62FD
Schmerwitz/Gutskirche  church KIRITZJO62FD
Forsthaus Wildpark forester's house FORARKJO62FD
Steindorf settlement STEORFJO62GD
Klein Glien village part of place Gemeindeteil KLEIE1JO62GD
Klein Glien church KLEIENJO62GD
Kirchhof Klein Glien cemetery KIRIENJO62GD
Friedhof Hagelberg cemetery FRIERGJO62GD
Hagelberg village part of place HAGER1JO62GD
Weitzgrund settlement part of place Gemeindeteil WEIUN1JO62GE
Friedhof Lübnitz cemetery FRIITZJO62GD
Lübnitz church object_165079
Lübnitz village part of place LUBIT1JO62GD
Grützdorf settlement GRUORFJO62GD
Röderhof settlement RODHOFJO62GD
Bad Belzig Waldfriedhof cemetery BADHOFJO62GD
Stollenberg settlement STOERGJO62GD
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