Places that are approx. 5 km away from Jesberg (object_1159481)

name type GOV-Id
Norden-Mühle, Nordemühle, Norde-Mühle, Nodenmühle, Norrmühl, Nordmühl, Nordemühle, Nordenmühle mill NORHLE_W3579
Schönau village part of place SCHNAU_W3579
Schönau church object_293819
Fischbach part of place FISACHJO41MA
Schmidtmühle mill SCHHLE_W3579
Bergfreiheit municipality part of town BEREIT_W3591
Densberg village DENERG_W3579
Sebbeterode village part of place SEBODE_W3579
Sebbeterode church object_171343
Brünchenhain place BRUAIN_W3579
Richerode Farm RICODE_W3579
Hundshausen village HUNSEN_W3579
Jesberg village JESERGJO41NA
Schiffelborn village SCHORNJO41NA
Strang village STRANGJO40NX
Elnrode village ELNODEJO40NX
Oberurff village OBERFFJO41NA
Wickershöfe Höfe WICOFE_W3581
Reptich village REPICH_W3581
Niederurff place URFRFFJO41OA
Kellerwald place KELALD_W3581
Niederurff part of place NIERFF_W3581
Gilsa part of place GILLSA_W3581
Schlierbach part of place object_275969
Bischhausen part of place BISSEN_W3581
Waltersbrück part of place WALUCK_W3581
Römersberg part of place ROMERG_W3581
Zimmersrode part of place ZIMODE_W3581
Dorheim part of place object_275968
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