Places that are approx. 5 km away from Heiligengrabe/Blumenthal (object_152343)

name type GOV-Id
Könkendorf village part of place settlement KONOR1JO63DE
Försterei Heiligengrabe forester's house FORABEJO63DD
Wilmersdorf church WILOR2JO63DD
Wilmersdorf village part of place WILOR1JO63DD
Heidelberg, Kolonie Heidelberg colony settlement Gemeindeteil HEIERG_O1921
Forsthaus Heidelberg forester's house FORERGJO63DC
Heidelberger Mühle, Heidelbergsmühle settlement HEIHLEJO63DC
Forsthaus Hoheheide, Hoheheide forester's house HOHIDE_O1931
Friedhof Heiligengrabe cemetery FRIABEJO63ED
Maulbeerwalde church MAULD2JO63EE
Friedhof Maulbeerwalde cemetery FRILDEJO63EE
Maulbeerwalde village part of place MAULD1JO63EE
Friedhof Kloster Heiligengrabe cemetery FRIAB1JO63ED
Heiligengrabe/Stiftskirche church HEICHEJO63ED
Heiligengrabe village part of place HEIAB1JO63ED
Techow church object_166651
Techow settlement TECHO1JO63ED
Friedhof Techow cemetery FRIHOWJO63ED
Friedhof Blandikow cemetery FRIKOWJO63EC
Blandikow village part of place BLAKO1JO63EC
Blandikow church BLAKO2JO63EC
Friedhof Liebenthal cemetery FRIHALJO63ED
Liebenthal church LIEHA2JO63ED
Kuckucksmühle settlement KUCHLEJO63EC
Liebenthal village part of place LIEHA1JO63ED
Kirchhof Glienicke cemetery KIRCKEJO63FE
Glienicke church GLICK1JO63FE
Glienicke village part of place Gemeindeteil GLICK2JO63FE
Papenbruch village part of place PAPUCHJO63FD
Papenbruch church object_167143
Natteheide settlement NATIDEJO63FC
Försterei Natteheide forester's house FORIDEJO63FC
Friedhof Papenbruch cemetery FRIUCHJO63FD
Friedhof Jabel cemetery FRIBELJO63FE
Dunkelsruh settlement DUNRUHJO63FD
Jabel village part of place JABBE1JO63FE
Jabel church JABBE2JO63FE
Horst settlement HORRSTJO63FE
Friesenhof settlement FRIHOFJO63FE
Karstedtshof settlement KARHOFJO63FC
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