Places that are approx. 5 km away from Lebusa (object_159366)

name type GOV-Id
Mehlsdorf church MEHOR1JO61QT
Mehlsdorf bei Dahme, Mehlsdorf village MEHORFJO61QT
Friedhof Mehlsdorf cemetery FRIORFJO61QU
Knippelsdorf municipality part of place KNIORFJO61QT
Krassig municipality part of place settlement KRASIG_O7901
Karlsdorf settlement village part of place Gemeindeteil KARORF_O7961
Striesa village part of place settlement STRESAJO61QS
Körba municipality part of place KORRBAJO61QT
Bollensdorf village part of place BOLORFJO61QT
Friedhof Bollensdorf cemetery FRIORFJO61QT
Friedhof Freileben cemetery FRIBENJO61QS
Freileben village part of place FREBE1JO61QS
Weidmannsruh settlement WEIRUHJO61QS
Lebusa village part of place LEBUS2JO61RT
Lebusa church object_161297
Friedhof Lebusa cemetery FRIUSAJO61RT
Friedhof Schöna cemetery FRIIENJO61RT
Schöna church object_161300
Schöna municipality part of place settlement SCHONA_O7901
Friedhof Kolpien cemetery FRIONAJO61RT
Kolpien municipality part of place settlement KOLIENJO61RT
Kolpien church KOLIE1JO61RT
Hohenbucko municipality part of place HOHCK1JO61RS
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