Places that are approx. 5 km away from Dresden Nord (object_174087)

name type GOV-Id
Boxdorf, Bokoisdorph municipality part of place BOXORFJO61UC
Mickten place part of town MICTEN_O8010
Heidefriedhof part of town HEIHOFJO61UC
Dresden-Trachau/Apostelkirche church object_174567
Trachau village TRAHAUJO61UC
Seefrieden settlement SEEDENJO61UD
Wilschdorf village part of town WILOR1JO61UC
Wilder Mann place WILANNJO61UC
Dresden-Wilschdorf/Christophoruskirche church object_174595
Dresden-Pieschen/Markuskirche church object_174573
Pieschen part of town PLIHENJO61UB
Trachenberge part of place TRARGE_O8010
Dresden-Trachenberge/Weinbergskirche church object_174589
Hellerau municipality part of town HELRAUJO61UC
Rähnitz-Hellerau/Christophoruskirche church object_176292
Rähnitz part of town RAHITZJO61UC
Dresden/St.Petrikirche church object_174617
Kurort Volkersdorf, Volkersdorf municipality part of place VOLORFJO61UD
Leipziger Vorstadt part of town LEIADTJO61UB
Dresden/St.Pauli church object_174625
Hellerberge place HELRGE_O8010
Antonstadt part of town ANTADTJO61VB
Dresden (St. Martin) church DRETINJO61VB
Dresden-Klotzsche/Alte Kirche church DRECHEJO61VC
Albertstadt part of town ALBADTJO61VB
Radeberger Vorstadt part of town RADADTJO61VB
Klotzsche village town part of town KLOCH1JO61VC
Dresden-Klotzsche/Christuskirche church object_174609
Flughafen Weixdorf part of town FLUORFJO61VD
Dresden-Klotzsche (Hl. Kreuz) church object_383715
Gomlitz rural municipality part of place GOMITZJO61VD
Albertpark part of town ALBARKJO61VB
Weixdorf settlement part of place WEIOR1JO61VD
Lausa part of place LAUUSAJO61VD
Lausa/Pastor-Roller-Kirche church object_176298
Weixdorf/Pastor-Roller-Kirche church object_174571
Friedersdorf rural municipality part of place FRIORFJO61VD
Dresdner Heide part of town DREIDEJO61WC
Langebrück church object_174619
Langebrück village LANUCKJO61WD
Schönborn municipality part of place SCHORNJO61WD
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