Places that are approx. 5 km away from Dekanat Castrop-Rauxel (object_191014)

name type GOV-Id
St. Pius (Recklinghausen-Hochlarmark) church STPARKJO31ON
Rottbruch part of place ROTUCHJO31OM
Eickel (St. Marien) filial church object_1268733
St. Maria Immac. (Eickel) church STMKELJO31OM
Hochlarmark Bauerschaft part of place HOCARKJO31ON
St. Franziskus von Assisi (Recklinghausen-Stuckenbusch) church STFSENJO31OO
St. Michael (Recklinghausen) church STMSENJO31ON
Wanne-Eickel (Heilige Familie) filial church object_1268731
Holsterhausen (St. Franziskus v. Ass.) filial church object_1268732
Baukau municipality part of place BAUKAUJO31OM
Forsthaus Hohenhorst part of place FORRSTJO31OO
Grullbad part of place GRUBADJO31ON
Hillerheide part of place HILIDEJO31OO
Hofstede municipality part of place HOFEDEJO31OM
Holsterhausen, Herne-Holsterhausen municipality part of place HOLSENJO31OM
Riemke municipality part of place RIEMKEJO31OM
St. Joseph (Recklinghausen-Süd) church STJSUDJO31ON
St. Heilig Kreuz (Recklinghausen-Süd) church STHSUDJO31ON
Herne-Baukau (St. Marien) filial church object_1268721
Bruch part of place BRUUCHJO31ON
Recklinghausen-Bruch church object_172152
Herne (St. Elisabeth) filial church object_1268720
St. Maria (Recklinghausen-Süd) church STMSUDJO31ON
Altenhöfen, Herne-Altenhöfen part of place ALTVENJO31ON
Herne municipality part of place HARRNEJO31OM
Horsthausen municipality part of place HORSENJO31ON
König-Ludwig part of place KONWIGJO31ON
Strünkede, Strünckede, Strünkrade place STRADEJO31ON
Strünkede, Herne- Schloß Strünkede part of place STREDEJO31ON
Herne town HERRNEJO31ON
St. Bonifatius (Herne) church STBRNEJO31OM
Herne-Horsthausen (St. Joseph) filial church object_1268722
Herne (Herz Jesu) filial church object_1268719
St. Antonius (Recklinghausen König Ludwig) church STASENJO31OO
Beisinghof part of place BEIHOFJO31OO
Bergen municipality part of place BERGENJO31OM
Kolonie Constantin part of place KOLTINJO31OM
Lansing part of place LANINGJO31OO
Mues-Merten part of place MUETENJO31OO
Notthof part of place NOTHOFJO31OO
Herne-Elpeshof (St. Barbara) filial church object_1268723
Herne-Pantringshof (St. Pius) filial church object_1268724
Herne (St. Konrad) filial church object_1268727
Giesenberg-Sodingen, Sodingen municipality SODGENJO31PM
Arns part of place ARNRNSJO31PO
Börnig municipality BORNIGJO31PM
Hiltrop municipality part of place HILROPJO31PM
Isselstein part of place ISSEINJO31PO
Osterholt part of place OSTOLTJO31PO
Pöppinghausen municipality part of place POPSENJO31PN
Ss. Ap. Petrus und Paulus (Börnig-Sodingen) church SSAGENJO31PN
Herne-Sodingen (St. Peter und Paul) filial church object_1268726
Bladenhorst municipality part of place BLARSTJO31PN
Gerther Heide place GERIDEJO31PM
Gerthe municipality part of place GERTHEJO31PM
Harpen municipality part of place HARPENJO31PM
Heiermann part of place HEIANNJO31PM
Kirchharpen place KIRPENJO31PM
Östrich municipality OSTICHJO31PM
Rosenberg place ROSERGJO31PM
Holthausen municipality HOLSENJO31PM
Herne-Holthausen (Dreifaltigkeit) filial church object_1268725
Geilmann place GEIANNJO31PO
Konert part of place KONERTJO31PO
Kreil part of place KREEILJO31PM
Unland part of place UNLANDJO31PO
Astenberg place ASTERGJO31PM
Behringhausen municipality part of place BEHSENJO31PM
Habinghorst municipality HABRSTJO31PO
Holte place HOLLTEJO31PM
Obercastrop municipality part of place OBEROPJO31PM
Rauxel (Herz Jesu) filial church object_1268718
St. Josef (Castrop-Rauxel-Habinghorst) church STJRSTJO31PO
Obercastrop (St. Elisabeth) church object_1268711
Castrop-Rauxel town CASXE1JO31PN
Castrop (St. Lambertus) church object_1268710
Martin-Luther-King-Haus/Holte-Kreta church MARETAJO31PM
Rauxel (Heilig Kreuz) church object_1268715
Bövinghausen municipality part of place BOVSE2JO31PM
Bövinghausen municipality BOVSENJO31PM
Castrop municipality town part of place CASROPJO31PM
Harpenerweg place HARWEGJO31PM
Merklinde municipality MERNDEJO31PM
Rauxel municipality RAUXELJO31PN
Schellenberg place SCHERGJO31PN
Schwerin place SCHRINJO31PM
Merklinde (St. Marien) church object_1268713
Katharinenkirche/Bövinghausen church object_171684
Bövinghausen (Herz Jesu) church object_1268587
Deininghausen municipality DEISENJO31QN
Dingen municipality part of place DINGENJO31QN
Frohlinde municipality FRONDEJO31QM
Ickern municipality ICKERNJO31QO
Lütgendortmund municipality LUTUNDJO31QM
Westrich municipality part of place WESICHJO31QM
Castrop-Schwerin (St. Franziskus Xav.) church object_1268712
Lütgendortmund (St. Magdalena) church object_1268590
Bartholomäus-Kirche/Lütgendortmund church object_171722
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