Places that are approx. 5 km away from Bettenhausen (object_271648)

name type GOV-Id
Oberzwehren part of town object_271792
Knallhütte place KNATTE_W3501
Niederzwehren village part of town NIERE1JO41RG
Niederzwehren borough NIERENJO41RG
Vellmar municipality town VELMARJO41RI
Wehlheiden village municipality part of town WEHDENJO41RH
Wehlheiden borough WEHDE1JO41RH
Rothenditmold village part of town object_271788
Neue Mühle mill object_275866
Kassel-Mitte borough KASSELJO41SH
Cassel, Kassel town KASSE1JO41SH
Bergshausen municipality part of place BERSEN_W3501
Fuldabrück municipality FULUCKJO41SG
Waldau village part of town object_271794
Agathof Farm AGAHOFJO41SH
Fuldatal municipality FULTALJO41SI
Wolfsanger village WOLGERJO41SI
Bettenhausen village part of town object_271648
Crumbach part of place object_272142
Messinghof settlement object_271713
Ochshausen part of place object_272143
Sandershausen municipality part of place SANSEN_W3501
Lohfelden municipality LOHDENJO41SG
Niestetal municipality NIETALJO41SH
Eichwald settlement object_271668
Spiekershausen place SPISEN_W3511
Vollmarshausen part of place VOLSEN_W3501
Am Hopfenberg settlement HOPERG_W3511
Heiligenrode municipality part of place HEIODEJO41SH
Hohe Schleife settlement HOHIFEJO41SI
Ellenbach manor (building) object_277848
Steinbruch settlement STEUCHJO41TI
Biberfarm settlement BIBARM_W3511
Niederkaufungen part of place NIEGENJO41TG
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