Places that are approx. 5 km away from Magdeburg (object_290237)

name type GOV-Id
Hoppenmühle settlement HOPHLEJO52QL
Buschmühle settlement BUSHLEJO52QM
Drögemühle settlement DROHLEJO52QL
Ipse church filial church IPSPS1JO52QM
Ipse settlement IPSPSEJO52QM
Isenschnibbe settlement ISEBBEJO52QM
Gardelegen/Nicolaikirche church ruins GARCHEJO52QM
Hohebrook settlement HOHOOKJO52QM
Gardelegen/St. Marienkirche church object_161152
Gardelegen town GARGENJO52QM
Gardelegen (St. Michael) church object_282523
Kenzendorf, Forsthaus Kenzendorf settlement KENORFJO52QL
Waldschnibbe settlement WALBBEJO52QM
Neuemühle, Neumühle settlement NEUHLEJO52QL
Försterei Lindenthal, Lindenthal part of place LINHALJO52QM
Wiebecker Mühle settlement WIEHLEJO52QM
Zienau settlement ZIENAUJO52RM
Friedhof Zienau cemetery FRINAUJO52RM
Polvitz part of place POLITZJO52RL
Rittergut Polvitz manor (building) RITITZJO52RL
Kloster-Neuendorf, Kloster Neuendorf church object_161141
Kloster Neuendorf settlement KLOORF_O3571
Sägemühle settlement SAGHLEJO52RM
Letzlingen filial church church object_161155
Oberförsterei Letzlingen settlement OBEGENJO52RK
Barriere Zienau settlement BARNAUJO52RL
Letzlingen settlement LETGENJO52RK
Friedhof Letzlingen cemetery FRIGENJO52RK
Jävenitz settlement JAVITZJO52RM
Jävenitz filial church JAVITZJO52SM
Friedhof Jävenitz cemetery FRIITZJO52SM
Forsthaus Theerhütte settlement FORTTEJO52SK
Theerhütte settlement THETTEJO52SK
Friedhof Hottendorf cemetery FRIORFJO52SM
Hottendorf settlement HOTORFJO52SM
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