Places that are approx. 5 km away from Zeesen (object_335147)

name type GOV-Id
Bahnhof train station BAHHOFJO62SG
Galluner Müllerhaus settlement GALAUSJO62SG
Adlerziegelei settlement ADLLEIJO62SG
In dem Felde b. Gallun settlement INDLUNJO62SG
Gallun village part of place GALLUNJO62SF
Friedhof Gallun cemetery FRILUNJO62SF
Abzweigung settlement ABZUNGJO62SG
Deutsch Wusterhausen village part of place Gemeindeteil DEUSENJO62SH
Deutsch Wusterhausen church DEUSENJO62TH
Kirchhof Deutsch Wusterhausen cemetery KIRSENJO62TH
Friedhof Deutsch Wusterhausen cemetery FRISENJO62TH
Diepensee part of place DIESEEJO62TH
Kirchhof Schenkendorf cemetery KIRORFJO62TG
Schenkendorf, Schenkendorf b. Königs Wusterhausen village part of place SCHOR2JO62TG
Schenkendorf church SCHOR1JO62TG
Grube Centrum settlement GRURUMJO62TG
Vorwerk Marienhof, Marienhof settlement MARHOFJO62TF
Friedhof Schenkendorf cemetery FRIORFJO62TG
Friedhof Krummensee cemetery FRISEEJO62TG
Am Krummen See settlement AMKSEEJO62TG
Krummensee village part of place Gemeindeteil KRUSEEJO62TG
Am Steinberg settlement AMSERGJO62TG
Friedhof Groß Besten cemetery FRITENJO62TF
Friedhof Königs Wusterhausen cemetery FRISE1JO62TH
Parsk, Wendisch Wusterhausen, Königs Wusterhausen town WUSSENJO62TG
Kirchhof Königs Wusterhausen cemetery KIRSE1JO62TH
Königs Wusterhausen/Kreuzkirche, Königswusterhausen, Wendisch Wusterhausen church object_166029
Südfriedhof Bestensee cemetery SUDSEEJO62TF
Steinbergsiedlung settlement STEUNGJO62TG
Groß Besten, Bestensee church BESSEEJO62TF
Wildau/Friedenskirche church object_166041
Groß Besten, Bestensee village GROTENJO62TF
Königs Wusterhausen (St. Elisabeth) church KONETHJO62TH
Klein Besten village part of place Gemeindeteil KLETE1JO62TF
Friedhof Zeesen cemetery FRISENJO62TG
Bahnhof Königs Wusterhausen train station BAHSENJO62TH
Zeesen church ZEESE1JO62TG
Forsthaus Fasanerie forester's house FORRIEJO62TG
Vordersiedlung Gemeindeteil VORUNGJO62TF
Zeesen village part of place ZEESE2JO62TG
Gallunsbrück settlement GALUCK_O1602
Neue Mühle part of place Gemeindeteil NEUHLEJO62TH
Waldschlößchen settlement WALHENJO62TH
Friedhof Niederlehme cemetery FRIHM1JO62TH
Körbiskrug settlement Gemeindeteil KORRUG_O1601
Glunzbusch Gemeindeteil GLUSCHJO62TF
Siedlung Waldesruh settlement SIERUHJO62TG
Kamerun, Neu Kamerun settlement KAMRUN_O1601
Alter Friedhof Senzig cemetery ALTZIGJO62TG
Rothes Haus settlement ROTAUSJO62UF
Senzig village part of place SENZI2JO62UG
Senzig church SENZI1JO62UG
Neuer Friedhof Senzig cemetery NEUZIGJO62UG
Senziger Ziegelei settlement SENLEIJO62UH
Siedlung Uhlenhorst settlement SIERSTJO62UG
Waldfriedhof Zernsdorf cemetery WALORFJO62UH
Alter Friedhof Zernsdorf cemetery ALTORFJO62UH
Zernsdorf church ZEROR1JO62UH
Zernsdorf village part of place ZEROR2JO62UH
Alter Friedhof Gräbendorf cemetery ALTORFJO62UF
Neuer Friedhof Gräbendorf cemetery NEUORFJO62UF
Gräbendorf church object_166043
Gräbendorf village part of place GRAOR1JO62UF
Forsthaus Frauensee forester's house FORSEEJO62UF
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