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GOV id http://gov.genealogy.net/HAAAANJO31ME
  • Haan (deu)
  • Mairie (1808 - 1815)
  • Bürgermeisterei (1816)
  • Stadt (1921 -)
postal code
  • W5657 (- 1993-06-30)
  • 42781 (1993-07-01 -)
municipal id
  • 05158008
external id
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Geographic Position
  • 51.2125°N 7.0008°E calculated center position of the place
  • Number of the German 1:25,000 map sheet: 4708
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Superordinate objects


 political administration

Superordinate objects

Superordinate objects

name Timespan type Source
Mettmann, Düsseldorf-Mettmann, Mettmann (1929-08-01 -) rural county county
Solingen (1879-05-01) Katasteramt Source Stück 15 Nr. 475 S. 149
Mettmann (1808 - 1815) canton Source page 12
Mettmann (1816 - 1929) county

Subordinate objects

name type GOV-Id Timespan
Holthausen place HOLSENJO31ME
Untenitter place UNTTERJO31ME
Hasenhaus settlement HASAUSJO31MF
Düsselermühle place DUSHLEJO31MF
Lohoff settlement LOHOFFJO31MF
Höfgen place HOFGENJO31ME
Pannschoppen, Pfannschoppen settlement PANPENJO31MF
Habbach place HABACHJO31MF
Mahnert place MAHERTJO31LE
Spörkelnbruch place SPOUCHJO31LE
Obgruiten Honschaft OBGTENJO31ME
Obgruiten Honschaft OBGTENJO31ME (1808 - 1815)
Voosholz settlement VOOOLZJO31MF
Heidberger Mühle settlement HEIHLEJO31ME (1922)
Hassiepen settlement HASPENJO31MF
zur Mühlen settlement MUHLENJO31MF
Brucher Kotten place BRUTENJO31LE
Millrath Honschaft municipality rural municipality MILATHJO31LE (1816 - 1894)
Millrath Honschaft municipality rural municipality MILATHJO31LE (1808 - 1815)
Breidenmühle place BREHLEJO31ME
Horstmannsmühle place HORHLEJO31ME
Burghardsheide settlement BURIDEJO31MF
Jülicher Land settlement JULANDJO31ME (1922)
Kneteisen place KNESENJO31ME
Willbeck settlement part of town WILECKJO31LE
Schmachtenberg place SCHERGJO31ME
Bolthausen settlement BOLSENJO31MF (1906)
Vogelsang settlement VOGANGJO31LE (1930-12-01)
Kamphausen place KAMSENJO31ME
Jägerhof place JAGHOFJO31MF
Schragen settlement SCHGENJO31LF
Irdelen place IRDLENJO31ME
Irdelen place IRDLENJO31MD
Schöller Honschaft municipality part of place SCHLERJO31MF (1808 - 1815)
Flachskamp settlement FLAAMPJO31MF
Unten Klophausen settlement OBESE1JO31LE (1930-12-01)
Ellscheid Honschaft ELLEIDJO31ME
Ellscheid Honschaft ELLEIDJO31ME (1808 - 1815)
Drinhausen, Groß-Drinhausen settlement DRISENJO31MF
Sombers settlement SOMERSJO31LE (1930-12-01)
Wibbeltrath place WIBATHJO31ME
Gellenkotten settlement GELTENJO31MF (1906)
Klevenhof settlement KLEHOFJO31MF
Bäusenberg settlement BAUERGJO31MF
Groß Düssel settlement DUSSELJO31MF
Eickert settlement EICERTJO31LE (1930-12-01)
Derken, Alt-Derken settlement DERKENJO31MF
Elp place ELPELPJO31LE
Tannenwäldchen settlement TANHENJO31LE (1930-12-01)
Haan village HAAAA1JO31ME (1808 - 1815)
Kamp place KAMAMPJO31ME
Pütt place PUTUTTJO31LE
Grund settlement GRUUN1JO31ME (1930-12-01)
Horst settlement HORRSTJO31ME (1922)
Mahnertmühle settlement MAHHLEJO31LE (1930-12-01)
Buschenhausen place BUSSENJO31LE
Kriekhausen place KRISENJO31ME
Hülsberg place HULERGJO31LE
Bastianskotten place BASTENJO31ME
Mittelhaan (Mittelhonschaft Haan) Honschaft MITAANJO31ME (1808 - 1815)
Mittelhaan (Mittelhonschaft Haan) Honschaft MITAANJO31ME
Unterhaan (Unterhonschaft Haan) Honschaft UNTAANJO31ME
Unterhaan (Unterhonschaft Haan) Honschaft UNTAANJO31ME (1808 - 1815)
Ernenkotten place ERNTENJO31ME
Iselkull place ISEULLJO31MF
Osterholz settlement OSTOLZJO31MF
Schaafenkotten place SCHTENJO31ME
Bollenberg settlement BOLERGJO31ME (1930-12-01)
Bruchermühle place BRUHLEJO31ME
Tückmantel place TUCTELJO31MF
Oberhaan (Oberhonschaft Haan) Honschaft OBEAANJO31ME
Oberhaan (Oberhonschaft Haan) Honschaft OBEAANJO31ME (1808 - 1815)
Goldberghäuschen place GOLHENJO31LE
Pelzers settlement PELERSJO31MF
Oben Klophausen settlement OBESENJO31LE (1930-12-01)
Heinhausen place HEISENJO31MF
Bellekuhl place BELUHLJO31ME
Aue, Haan-Aue place AUEAUEJO31MF
Müllersberg place MULERGJO31ME
Bollenheide place BOLIDEJO31ME
Dieker-Mühle settlement DIEHLEJO31LE (1930-12-01)
Vockenhaus settlement VOCAUSJO31MF
Bracken, Braken settlement BRAKENJO31LF
Backesheide settlement BACIDEJO31ME (1930-12-01)
Gütchen settlement GUTHE1JO31ME (1930-12-01)
Bröckers Weilenhaus settlement BROAUSJO31MF
Polnische Mütze place POLTZEJO31ME
Klappmütze place KLATZEJO31MF (1975 -)
Schallbruch settlement SCHUCHJO31ME (1922)
Schönholz settlement SCHOL1JO31LE (1930-12-01)
Windfoche place WINCHEJO31ME
Alexanderhof place ALEHOFJO31MF
Zum Diek settlement ZUMIEKJO31MF (1922)
Gruiten Honschaft rural municipality part of town GRUTENJO31MF (1808 - 1815)
Gruiten village GRUTE1JO31MF (1808 - 1815)
Hermgesberg settlement HERERGJO31MF
Gathen place GATHENJO31ME

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	has 1900 population 7758 says source_1070915 (Seite 180),
	has 1939 population 11560 says source_1070915 (Seite 180),
	has 1945 population 13239 says source_1070915 (Seite 180),
	has 1960 population 17792 says source_1070915 (Seite 180),
	has 1966 population 19712 says source_1070915 (Seite 180),
	has 1974 population 21200 says source_389924 (p. 90),
	has 2004 population 29370 says source_290471,
	has 2005 population 29325 says source_290473,
	has 2006 population 29411 says source_290472,
	has external reference  geonames:2913195,
	has external reference  opengeodb:17726,
	has from 1993-07-01 postal code 42781,
	has municipal id 05158008,
	has name (in deu) Haan,
	has until 1993-06-30 postal code W5657,
	is 1816 (in deu) Bürgermeisterei,
	is 1879-05-01 part of object_1166126 says source_1166119 (Stück 15 Nr. 475 S. 149),
	is from 1808 until 1815 (in deu) Mairie,
	is from 1808 until 1815 part of object_1075415 says source_389924 (p. 12),
	is from 1816 until 1929 part of object_1075416,
	is from 1921 (in deu) Stadt (Gebietskörperschaft),
	is from 1929-08-01 part of adm_135158;
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