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GOV id http://gov.genealogy.net/adm_169762
  • Hirschberg (deu)
  • rural county
  • 53238
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Geographic Position
  • 50.8676°N 15.7242°E calculated center position of the place
  • Number of the German 1:25,000 map sheet: 5160
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Superordinate objects


 political administration

Superordinate objects

Superordinate objects

name Timespan type Source
Reichenbach (1816 - 1820) administrative district
Liegnitz (1820 -) administrative district

Subordinate objects

name type GOV-Id Timespan
Hartau municipality object_1136808
Falkenstein, Sokolec castle object_187491
Bronsdorf, Broniów place part of place BROORFJO70UT (- 1945)
Berthelsdorf Gutsbezirk object_290538
Berthelsdorf municipality object_1136797
Berthelsdorf Amtsbezirk object_1137713 (1908)
Berthelsdorf civil registry object_1137725 (1908)
Berthelsdorf civil registry object_1137725 (1883)
Kammerswaldau municipality object_1086419 (1932-10-01 -)
Zillerthal municipality object_1136841 (- 1937)
Neuhof civil registry object_1150468 (1883)
Seiffersdorf municipality object_1086424 (1932-10-01 - 1945)
Kupferberg Stadt object_1086406 (1932-10-01 -)
Gotschdorf municipality object_1136805
Hohenwaldau municipality object_1136813
Petersdorf Gutsbezirk object_290550
Petersdorf municipality object_1136823
Petersdorf civil registry object_1153757 (1883)
Petersdorf Amtsbezirk object_1192641
Bolzenschloß, Bolzenstein, Bolzców place object_187489
Alt Kemnitz, Altkemnitz Amtsbezirk object_1137710 (1908)
Alt Kemnitz, Altkemnitz Amtsbezirk object_1137710
Fischbach Gutsbezirk object_290570
Fischbach municipality object_1136802
Fischbach Amtsbezirk object_1137716 (1908)
Fischbach civil registry object_1137729 (1908)
Fischbach civil registry object_1137729 (1883)
Fischbach Amtsbezirk object_1137716
Wüsteröhrsdorf, Röhrsdorf, Röhrsdorf (Riesengebirge) municipality object_1136839 (- 1932)
Hindorf Gutsbezirk object_290545
Hindorf municipality object_1136811
Heidelberg, Wrześnica place object_187479
Schmiedeberg Stadt object_1136844 (- 1945)
Schmiedeberg Amtsbezirk object_1137720 (1908)
Schmiedeberg civil registry object_1137736 (1908)
Schmiedeberg civil registry object_1154473 (1883)
Baberhäuser, Borowice colony village object_290533 (- 1945)
Gebirgsbauden municipality object_1136803
Gebirgsbauden civil registry object_1137730 (1908)
Gebirgsbauden civil registry object_1137730 (1883)
Buchwald Gutsbezirk object_290540
Buchwald municipality object_1136799
Buchwald Amtsbezirk object_1137715 (1908)
Buchwald civil registry object_1137727 (1908)
Buchwald civil registry object_1137727 (1883)
Ober Mittel Stonsdorf Gutsbezirk object_290549
Altkemnitz, Alt Kemnitz civil registry object_1137722 (1908)
Altkemnitz, Alt Kemnitz civil registry object_1137722 (1883)
Bärndorf municipality object_1136796
Karlstal, Orle place KARTALJO70QT
Seidorf, Seydorf municipality object_1136831 (- 1945)
Boberstein municipality object_1086415 (1932-10-10 -)
Arnsberg Forstgutsbezirk object_290534
Arnsberg municipality object_1136794
Arnsberg Amtsbezirk object_1137711 (1908)
Arnsberg civil registry object_1137723 (1908)
Arnsberg civil registry object_1137723 (1883)
Arnsberg Amtsbezirk object_1137711
Arnsdorf Gutsbezirk object_290536
Arnsdorf municipality object_1136795 (- 1945)
Arnsdorf Amtsbezirk object_1137712 (1908)
Arnsdorf civil registry object_1137724 (1908)
Arnsdorf civil registry object_1137724 (1883)
Arnsdorf Amtsbezirk object_1137712
Schreiberhau Gutsbezirk object_290552
Schreiberhau municipality object_1136829 (- 1945)
Schreiberhau civil registry object_1149262 (1883)
Kiesewald colony object_290558
Jannowitz Amtsbezirk object_263843 (1932 -)
Jannowitz municipality object_187501 (1932-10-01 -)
Berbisdorf Amtsbezirk object_263793 (1932 -)
Berbisdorf, Dziwiszów village BERORFJO70VW (- 1945)
Cammerswaldau, Kammerswaldau Amtsbezirk object_263796 (1932 -)
Brückenberg, Bierutowice place object_187493
Erdmannsdorf Gutsbezirk object_290541
Erdmannsdorf municipality object_1136801 (- 1937)
Erdmannsdorf civil registry object_1137728 (1908)
Erdmannsdorf civil registry object_1137728 (1883)
Erdmannsdorf Amtsbezirk object_1192637
Glausnitz municipality object_1136804 (- 1945)
Södrich municipality object_1136833
Neudorf municipality object_1136821
Neuhoff Gutsbezirk object_290548
Hirschberg, Jelenia Góra Stadt object_291962
Hohenwiese municipality object_1136812
Stonsdorf Gutsbezirk object_290787 (- 1928)
Stonsdorf municipality object_1136835 (- 1945)
Stonsdorf civil registry object_1149957 (1883)
Stonsdorf Amtsbezirk object_1193461
Jakobsthal, zu Schreiberhau, Jakuszyce place object_187499
Seidorf Gutsbezirk object_290554
Seidorf civil registry object_1152994 (1883)
Schildau Amtsbezirk object_263844 (1932 -)
Schildau municipality object_1086423 (1932-10-01 -)
Reibnitz Gutsbezirk object_290551
Reibnitz municipality object_1136826
Reibnitz civil registry object_1150467 (1883)
Bober Röhrsdorf civil registry object_1152992 (1883)
Weißbachtal, Białka place object_187435
Hochstein place HOCEINJO70ST
Rohrlach municipality object_1086425 (1932-10-01 - 1945)
Strickerhäuser, Tkacze, Mytiny place object_187438
Kaiserswaldau municipality object_1136814
Hoffnungstal, Zieleniec place HOFTALJO70QS
Wüsteröhrsdorf Amtsbezirk object_1192644
Querseiffen municipality object_1136824
Hermsdorf Gutsbezirk object_290544
Hermsdorf Amtsbezirk object_1137717 (1908)
Hermsdorf civil registry object_1137733 (1908)
Hermsdorf civil registry object_1137733 (1883)
Hain municipality object_1136807 (- 1945)
Marienthal, Marysin place MARHALJO70ST
Quirl municipality object_1136825
Voigtsdorf Gutsbezirk object_290556
Voigtsdorf municipality object_1136837
Voigtsdorf civil registry object_1152993 (1883)
Ruhberg, Ciszyca place object_187434
Warmbrunn Gutsbezirk object_290537
Warmbrunn civil registry object_1149956 (1883)
Warmbrunn Amtsbezirk object_1193463
Seifershau Gutsbezirk object_290555
Seifershau municipality object_1136832
Seifershau civil registry object_1154206 (1883)
Seifershau Amtsbezirk object_1192643
Pfaffengrund, Popów place PFAUNDJO70VT
Schwarzbach Gutsbezirk object_290553
Schwarzbach municipality object_1136830
Schwarzbach civil registry object_1152529 (1883)
Schwarzbach Amtsbezirk object_1192642
Kochelhäuser, Szklarka place KOCSERJO70ST
Kunnersdorf, Cunnersdorf municipality object_1136817
Forstbauden, Forst Langwasser, Budniki place FORDENJO70VS
Märzdorf municipality object_1136820 (- 1945)
Bad Warmbrunn municipality object_1136840
Siebenhäuser place SIESERJO70ST
Jakobsthal, Jakuszyce place object_187486
Zillerthal-Erdmannsdorf municipality object_1136842 (1937 -)
Neukemnitz municipality object_1136822
Nieder Schreiberhau, Dolna Szklarska Poręba place object_187477
Hirschberg Amtsbezirk object_1137718 (1908)
Hirschberg civil registry object_1137734 (1908)
Hirschberg civil registry object_1137734 (1883)
Alt Kemnitz Gutsbezirk object_290535
Boberröhrsdorf Gutsbezirk object_290539
Boberröhrsdorf municipality object_1136791 (- 1945)
Boberröhrsdorf Amtsbezirk object_1137714 (1908)
Boberröhrsdorf civil registry object_1137726 (1908)
Steinseiffen municipality object_1136834 (- 1945)
Kunnersdorf Amtsbezirk object_1137719 (1908)
Kunnersdorf civil registry object_1137735 (1908)
Kunnersdorf civil registry object_1154474 (1883)
Wernersdorf municipality object_1136838
Lausepelz, Ruine Schloss object_187475
Herischdorf Gutsbezirk object_290543
Herischdorf municipality object_1136809
Dreschburg municipality object_1086416
Krummhübel Gutsbezirk object_290546
Krummhübel municipality object_1136816
Heinrichsburg, Ruine castle object_187481
Josephinenhütte, Szklarska Poręba, Huta place JOSTTEJO70ST
Straupitz municipality object_1136836
Straupitz Amtsbezirk object_1137721 (1908)
Straupitz civil registry object_1152530 (1883)
Wüste Röhrsdorf civil registry object_1152254 (1883)
Eichberg rural municipality municipality object_187500 (1932-10-01 -)
Giersdorf Gutsbezirk object_290542
Giersdorf municipality object_187502
Giersdorf civil registry object_1137731 (1908)
Giersdorf civil registry object_1137731 (1883)
Giersdorf Amtsbezirk object_1192639
Krommenau municipality object_1136815
Saalberg municipality object_1136828 (- 1945)
Boberullersdorf municipality object_1136798 (- 1945)
Boberullersdorf Amtsbezirk object_1252997 (1885)
Waltersdorf municipality object_1086475
Agnetendorf municipality object_1136792
Altkemnitz municipality object_1136793 (- 1945)
Buschvorwerk municipality object_1136800
Ludwigsdorf municipality object_1136819
Maiwaldau Amtsbezirk object_263828 (1932 -)
Maiwaldau municipality object_1086420 (1932-10-01 -)
Lomnitz Gutsbezirk object_290547
Lomnitz municipality object_1136818
Lomnitz civil registry object_1149263 (1883)
Kreppelhof Amtsbezirk object_1192640
Hermsdorf unterm Kynast, Hermsdorf municipality object_1136810
Grunau municipality object_1136806 (- 1945)
Grunau civil registry object_1137732 (1908)
Grunau civil registry object_1137732 (1883)
Rothenzechau municipality object_1136827 (1905)

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	gehört ab 1816 bis 1820 zu object_257589,
	gehört ab 1820 zu adm_368468,
	hat 1818 Einwohner 46376 says source_355986 (Seite 866),
	hat 1880-12-01 Einwohner 67782 says source_1091743 (S. 134),
	hat 1900 Einwohner 78188 says source_265044,
	hat 1905 Einwohner 82674 says source_283502,
	hat 1910 Einwohner 87952 says source_265044 says source_283502,
	hat w-Nummer 53238,
	heißt  (auf deu) Hirschberg,
	ist (auf deu) Landkreis;
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