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GOV id
  • Glatz (deu)
  • rural county
  • 53134
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Geographic Position
  • 50.4703°N 16.475°E calculated center position of the place
  • Number of the German 1:25,000 map sheet: 5564
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Superordinate objects


 political administration

Superordinate objects

Superordinate objects

name Timespan type Source
Reichenbach (1816 - 1820) administrative district
Breslau (1820 - 1945) administrative district

Subordinate objects

name type GOV-Id Timespan
Hartau civil registry object_1144202 (1883)
Gläsendorf, Gem. Hartau bzw. Rückers, Sklanna Gora place object_186713
Seifersdorf Amtsbezirk object_356072
Seifersdorf civil registry object_356129
Seifersdorf municipality object_356392 (1932-10-01 -)
Kuttel municipality object_356157
Neuwilmsdorf, Nowy Wielislaw municipality object_356173
Järker municipality object_356148
Rückers, Szczytna municipality object_356165
Hassitz Gutsbezirk object_321353 (- 1928)
Hassitz civil registry object_1144160 (1883)
Hassitz Amtsbezirk object_1193020
Schwenz, Anteil Eckersdorf Gutsbezirk object_321388 (- 1928)
Labitsch Gutsbezirk object_321358 (- 1928)
Mittelsteine, Mittel Steine, Ścinawka Średnia rural municipality object_352990 (1932-10-01 -)
Oberrengersdorf Gutsbezirk object_321375 (- 1928)
Poditau, Neißgrund, Podtynie municipality object_356329
Rather Amtsbezirk object_356070
Reichenforst municipality object_356401 (1932-10-01 -)
Möhlten, Miltowo, Gorzuchów municipality object_356181
Möhlten Gutsbezirk object_321362 (- 1928)
Tassau Amtsbezirk object_356050
Tassau municipality object_356159
Tassau Amtsbezirk object_1193027
Königshain, Freirichtereigut Gutsbezirk object_321355 (- 1928)
Altwilmsdorf, Stary Wielisław municipality object_356172
Volpersdorf Amtsbezirk object_356080
Volpersdorf municipality object_356406 (1932-10-01 -)
Ullersdorf, Anteil Eckersdorf Gutsbezirk object_321392 (- 1928)
Wiesau Gutsbezirk object_321396 (- 1928)
Stolzenau, Anteil Niedelschwedeldorf Gutsbezirk object_321389 (- 1928)
Falkenberg Amtsbezirk object_356085
Falkenberg civil registry object_356099
Falkenberg municipality object_356413 (1932-10-01 -)
Falkenhain civil registry object_356100
Mügwitz Gutsbezirk object_321363 (- 1928)
Deutsch-Tscherbeney, Windeck, Tscherbeney, Grenzeck municipality object_356144
Nauseney tlw. Gm. Karlsberg u. Passendorf place object_186718
Passendorf municipality object_356375 (1932-10-01 -)
Rückers Gutsbezirk object_321385 (- 1928)
Rückers Amtsbezirk object_356053
Rückers civil registry object_356125
Rückers Amtsbezirk object_1193026
Walditz Amtsbezirk object_356079
Walditz civil registry object_356137
Walditz municipality object_356404 (1932-10-01 -)
Rengersdorf, Pfarrhof Gutsbezirk object_321384 (- 1928)
Bad Altheide, Polanica Zdrój Stadt object_307865 (- 1945)
Altbatzdorf Gutsbezirk object_321347 (- 1928)
Altbatzdorf civil registry object_356092
Hinterkohlau civil registry object_1144199 (1883)
Alt Haide Amtsbezirk object_1193012
Alt Haide civil registry object_1252914 (1885)
Oberschwedeldorf, Frobelhof Gutsbezirk object_321378 (- 1928)
Keilendorf municipality object_356152
Waldstein, Burg u. Gutsbezirk, Szczytnik place object_186720
Niedereisersdorf Gutsbezirk object_321368 (- 1928)
Schwenz, Święcko municipality object_356182
Pischkowitz Gutsbezirk object_321381 (- 1928)
Pischkowitz civil registry object_1144198 (1883)
Pischkowitz Amtsbezirk object_1193023
Niederhannsdorf Gutsbezirk object_321369 (- 1928)
Niederhannsdorf Amtsbezirk object_356064
Niederhannsdorf civil registry object_356116
Oberschwedeldorf, Pfarrhof Gutsbezirk object_321379 (- 1928)
Wallisfurth, Wolany municipality object_356169
Wiltsch, Freirichtereigut Gutsbezirk object_321397 (- 1928)
Waldstein Gutsbezirk object_321394 (- 1928)
Königswalde Amtsbezirk object_356084
Königswalde municipality object_356411 (1932-10-01 -)
Friedrichsgrund, Batorów municipality object_356166
Rauschwitz, Ruszowice municipality object_356177
Oberhannsdorf, Jaczkowa Gorna municipality object_356381
Tscherbeney Gutsbezirk object_321391 (- 1928)
Tscherbeney civil registry object_1144188 (1883)
Goszyce (Kłodzko), Hassitz village HASITZJO80HK (1885)
Birgwitz, Bierkowice municipality object_356179
Reyersdorf, Radochow place object_186697
Grunwald, Zieleniec municipality object_356164
Neudeck Gutsbezirk object_321366 (- 1928)
Neudorf civil registry object_356115
Neudorf municipality object_356396 (1932-10-01 -)
Neurode civil registry object_356087
Neurode Stadt object_356414 (1932-10-01 -)
Stolzenau civil registry object_356130
Wiesau, Laczna municipality object_356324
Scheibe village SCHIBEJO80HL (1885)
Schwenz civil registry object_356128
Biebersdorf, Bobrowniki municipality object_356163
Friedrichswartha, Boguszyn municipality object_356327
Schlaney Gutsbezirk object_321386 (- 1928)
Schlaney civil registry object_1144201 (1883)
Schlegel Amtsbezirk object_356076
Schlegel civil registry object_356127
Schlegel municipality object_356397 (1932-10-01 -)
Reichenau Gutsbezirk object_321383 (- 1928)
Reichenau civil registry object_356122
Reichenau Amtsbezirk object_1193024
Obereisersdorf Gutsbezirk object_321373 (- 1928)
Roschwitz, Roszyce municipality object_356321
Zarzecze (Kłodzko), Soritsch village SORSCHJO80HJ (1885)
Altheide-Bad, Alt Heide civil registry object_356093
Alt Wilmsdorf Amtsbezirk object_1193013
Jauernig municipality object_356153
Kunzendorf Amtsbezirk object_356082
Kunzendorf civil registry object_356112
Oberschwedeldorf civil registry object_356120
Bad Kudowa Amtsbezirk object_356047
Bad Kudowa civil registry object_356095
Bad Kudowa municipality object_186706
Labitsch, Neißenfels, Lawica municipality object_356326
Straußeney, Straussdörfel municipality object_356145
Altbatzdorf, Starków municipality object_356171
Kamnitz, Kamitz, Kamieniec municipality object_356180
Sorisch civil registry object_1144159 (1883)
Dürrkunzendorf municipality object_356391 (1932-10-01 -)
Mügwitz, Mikowice municipality object_356174
Morischau, Neißtal, Neißetal, Morzyszów municipality object_356328
Niederschwedeldorf Gutsbezirk object_321371 (- 1928)
Niederschwedeldorf Amtsbezirk object_356058
Niederschwedeldorf civil registry object_356117
Kleingeorgsdorf municipality object_356155
Wiltsch, Wilcza municipality object_356325
Oberschwedeldorf, Engelhof Gutsbezirk object_321377 (- 1928)
Rothwaltersdorf Amtsbezirk object_356074
Rothwaltersdorf civil registry object_356124
Rothwaltersdorf municipality object_356394 (1932-10-01 -)
Eisersdorf Amtsbezirk object_356065
Eisersdorf civil registry object_356098
Eisersdorf Amtsbezirk object_1193014
Großgeorgsdorf municipality object_356147
Tanz municipality object_356149
Pischkowitz, Schloßhübel, Piszkowice municipality object_356178
Glatz civil registry object_356086
Lewin civil registry object_356090
Mölke municipality object_376668 (1932-10-01 -)
Wallisfurth Gutsbezirk object_321395 (- 1928)
Wallisfurth Amtsbezirk object_356055
Wallisfurth civil registry object_356136
Krzyschney, Kreuzdorf municipality object_356156
Nerbotin, Markrode, Witow municipality object_356158
Hollenau, Gologlowy municipality object_356320
Nesselgrund, Oberförsterei Gutsbezirk object_321365 (- 1928)
Niederrathen municipality object_356388 (1932-10-01 -)
Mittelrengersdorf Gutsbezirk object_321361 (- 1928)
Mühldorf Gutsbezirk object_321364 (- 1928)
Niedersteine civil registry object_356118
Niedersteine municipality object_356390 (1932-10-01 -)
Niedersteine Amtsbezirk object_356071 (1932-10-01 -)
Friedrichswartha civil registry object_356102
Altwilmsdorf Amtsbezirk object_356057
Altwilmsdorf civil registry object_356094
Altheide-Bad Amtsbezirk object_356056
Grenzeck Amtsbezirk object_356046
Grenzeck civil registry object_356132
Hausdorf Amtsbezirk object_356081
Hausdorf civil registry object_356106
Hausdorf municipality object_356407 (1932-10-01 -)
Oberschwedeldorf, Amtshof Gutsbezirk object_321376 (- 1928)
Kohlendorf municipality object_1138182 (1932-10-01 -)
Friedersdorf, Lezyce municipality object_356160
Schlaney, Schnellau municipality object_356142
Kunzendorf, Drogosław municipality object_356408 (1932-10-01 -)
Walddorf civil registry object_1144158 (1883)
Königshain Gutsbezirk object_321356 (- 1928)
Königshain Amtsbezirk object_356062
Königshain civil registry object_356108
Ullersdorf, Ołdrzychowice Kłodzkie municipality object_356386
Karlsberg Amtsbezirk object_356068
Karlsberg civil registry object_356107
Karlsberg municipality object_356376 (1932-10-01 -)
Stolzenau, Chocieszów municipality object_356168
Wünschelburg civil registry object_356089
Wünschelburg Stadt object_356417 (1932-10-01 -)
Hallatsch Amtsbezirk object_1193019
Hallgrund Amtsbezirk object_356049
Goldbach, Zlotno municipality object_356161
Rengersdorf, Krosnowice municipality object_356387
Ullersdorf Amtsbezirk object_356066
Ullersdorf civil registry object_356134
Märzdorf Gutsbezirk object_321360 (- 1928)
Niederrengersdorf Gutsbezirk object_321370 (- 1928)
Steinwitz, Ścinawica municipality object_356330
Mühldorf, Młynów municipality object_356323
Oberhannsdorf Gutsbezirk object_321374 (- 1928)
Oberhannsdorf Amtsbezirk object_356063
Oberhannsdorf civil registry object_356119
Kamnitz Gutsbezirk object_321354 (- 1928)
Grunwald Amtsbezirk object_356052
Grunwald civil registry object_356105
Grunwald Amtsbezirk object_1193018
Wolpersdorf civil registry object_356135
Stolzenau, Anteil Wallisfurth Gutsbezirk object_321390 (- 1928)
Oberschwedeldorf, Szalejów Górny municipality object_356176
Straußdörfel civil registry object_356131
Brzesowie, Birkhagen municipality object_352962
Dörnikau municipality object_356150
Bad Reinerz, Reinerz civil registry object_356088
Ullersdorf, Anteil Kunzendorf Gutsbezirk object_321393 (- 1928)
Falkenhain, Sokolowka municipality object_356170
Gabersdorf, Wojbórz municipality object_356322
Friedrichsgrund Amtsbezirk object_356054
Friedrichsgrund civil registry object_356101
Beutengrund municipality object_356410 (1932-10-01 -)
Märzdorf, Marcinów municipality object_356385
Tutschendorf civil registry object_356133
Rengersdorf Amtsbezirk object_356067
Rengersdorf civil registry object_356123
Rengersdorf Amtsbezirk object_1193025
Schloßhübel Amtsbezirk object_356059
Schloßhübel civil registry object_356121
Markgrund municipality object_376667 (1932-10-01 -)
Ostra Góra, Nauseney, Scharfenberg, Jeżowice colony object_186717 (1816 - 1853)
Ostra Góra, Nauseney, Scharfenberg, Jeżowice colony object_186717 (1932-10-01 - 1945)
Eckersdorf Amtsbezirk object_356073
Eckersdorf civil registry object_356097
Eckersdorf municipality object_356393 (1932-10-01 -)
Koritau, Kartau, Korytów municipality object_356319
Birgwitz Gutsbezirk object_321348 (- 1928)
Koritau Gutsbezirk object_321357 (- 1928)
Koritau civil registry object_356109
Koritau Amtsbezirk object_1193021
Koritau civil registry object_356109
Königshain, Wojciechowice municipality object_356379
Roms, Stoszów municipality object_356162
Niederschwedeldorf, Szalejów Dolny municipality object_356175
Hallatsch, Hallgrund municipality object_356151
Vierhöfe municipality object_356412 (1932-10-01 -)
Poditau Gutsbezirk object_321382 (- 1928)
Schwenz, Anteil Birgwitz Gutsbezirk object_321387 (- 1928)
Freudenau, ehem Vorwerk place object_186708
Neißenfels Amtsbezirk object_356061
Oberschwedeldorf, Riebischhof Gutsbezirk object_321380 (- 1928)
Löschney, Talheim municipality object_352992
Friedersdorf Gutsbezirk object_321350 (- 1928)
Friedersdorf Amtsbezirk object_356051
Friedersdorf Amtsbezirk object_1193015
Neudeck, Wiedereck, Podzamek municipality object_356382
Lewin, Hummelstadt, Lewin Kłodzki town LEWADTJO80DJ
Oberaltwilmsdorf Gutsbezirk object_321372 (- 1928)
Mittelsteine Amtsbezirk object_356077
Mittelsteine civil registry object_356114
Gabersdorf Gutsbezirk object_321351 (- 1928)
Gabersdorf Amtsbezirk object_356060
Gabersdorf civil registry object_356103
Gabersdorf Amtsbezirk object_1193016
Kaltwasser municipality object_356154
Biehals municipality object_356398 (1932-10-01 -)
Zaughals municipality object_356405 (1932-10-01 -)
Droschkau municipality object_356380
Ebersdorf Amtsbezirk object_356075
Ebersdorf civil registry object_356096
Ebersdorf municipality object_356395 (1932-10-01 -)
Eisersdorf, Żelazno municipality object_356384
Märzdorf, Freirichtereigut Gutsbezirk object_321359 (- 1928)
Reichenau, Niwka municipality object_356167
Lewin, Hummelstadt rural municipality object_307862
Soritsch civil registry object_1252995 (1885)
Sackisch Amtsbezirk object_356045
Sackisch civil registry object_356126
Sackisch municipality object_356143
Krainsdorf civil registry object_356111
Krainsdorf municipality object_356403 (1932-10-01 -)
Tuntschendorf Amtsbezirk object_356078
Tuntschendorf municipality object_356402 (1932-10-01 -)
Niederaltwilmsdorf Gutsbezirk object_321367 (- 1928)
Albendorf Amtsbezirk object_356069
Albendorf civil registry object_356091
Albendorf municipality object_356377 (1932-10-01 -)
Gellenau Gutsbezirk object_321352 (- 1928)
Gellenau Amtsbezirk object_356048
Gellenau municipality object_356146
Gellenau civil registry object_356104
Gellenau Amtsbezirk object_1193017
Kaltenbrunn municipality object_356378 (1932-10-01 -)
Ober Hannsdorf Amtsbezirk object_1193022
Niederhannsdorf, Hannsdorf, Jaczkowa Dolna municipality object_356383
Ludwigsdorf civil registry object_356113
Ludwigsdorf municipality object_352991 (1932-10-01 -)
Ludwigsdorf Amtsbezirk object_356083 (1932-10-01 -)
Buchau municipality object_1138183 (1932-10-01 -)
Oberrathen municipality object_356389 (1932-10-01 -)
Kladsko, Glatz, Kłodzko Stadt object_356371
Obersteine municipality object_356400 (1932-10-01 -)
Eisersdorf, Freirichtereigut Gutsbezirk object_321349 (- 1928)
Bad Reinerz Stadt object_356415
Strauseney civil registry object_1144200 (1883)

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	gehört ab 1816 bis 1820 zu object_257589,
	gehört ab 1820 bis 1945 zu adm_368469,
	hat 1818 Einwohner 58109 says source_355986 (Seite 866),
	hat 1880-12-01 Einwohner 647698 says source_1091743 (S. 122),
	hat 1900 Einwohner 60819 says source_265044,
	hat 1910 Einwohner 64852 says source_265044,
	hat w-Nummer 53134,
	heißt  (auf deu) Glatz,
	ist (auf deu) Landkreis;
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