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Geographic Position
  • 51.0384°N 17.0179°E calculated center position of the place
  • Number of the German 1:25,000 map sheet: 4968

Superordinate objects


 political administration

Superordinate objects

Superordinate objects

name Timespan type Source
Breslau Landgericht Source page VIII

Subordinate objects

name type GOV-Id Timespan
Tschauchelwitz, Rübenau N.S. municipality object_1137873 (1936)
Meleschwitz, Fünfteichen municipality MELITZJO81PB (1936)
Oltaschin, Herzogshufen municipality object_1137881 (1936)
Tschirne, Großbrück municipality object_1137867 (1936)
Malsen municipality object_1137820 (1936)
Paschwitz, Fuchshübel municipality object_1137883 (1936)
Oldern municipality object_1137880 (1936)
Grunau, Groß Grunau municipality object_1137787 (1936)
Steine municipality object_1137864 (1936)
Thauer municipality object_1137872 (1936)
Klein Sürding municipality object_1137801 (1936)
Clarencranst, Klarenkranst, Klarenwald rural municipality municipality object_1137841 (1936)
Ransern municipality object_1137891 (1936)
Zindel municipality object_1137831 (1936)
Lorankwitz, Rolandsmühle municipality object_1137817 (1936)
Lamsfeld municipality object_1137812 (1936)
Wangern municipality object_1137874 (1936)
Sambowitz, Seydlitzaue municipality object_1137899 (1936)
Schmartsch, Dörfel municipality object_1137772 (1936)
Kottwitz, Jungfernsee municipality object_1137806 (1936)
Woischwitz, Hoinstein municipality object_1137915 (1936)
Marienkranst, Marienwald municipality object_1137844 (1936)
Stabelwitz rural municipality object_1194872 (1885)
Haidänichen municipality object_1137789 (1936)
Romberg municipality object_1137894 (1936)
Neudorf (Polnisch), Polnisch Neudorf, Neudorf rural municipality object_1272615 (1936)
Kreika, Rohrquell municipality object_1137807 (1936)
Sillmenau municipality object_1137848 (1936)
Kammelwitz, Kammfeld municipality object_1137795 (1936)
Polnisch Peterwitz, Peterwitz, Petersweiler municipality object_1137884 (1936)
Alt Gandau municipality object_1137755 (1936)
Wessig, Bergmühle municipality object_1137860 (1936)
Zaumgarten municipality object_1137862 (1936)
Tschönbankwitz, Schönbankwitz, Schönlehn municipality object_1137859 (1936)
Bogschütz, Lohbusch municipality object_1051026 (1936)
Jäschkowitz, Lengefeld municipality object_1137793 (1936)
Groß Nädlitz, Nädlingen municipality object_1137783 (1936)
Arnoldsmühle municipality object_1137834 (1936)
Guckelwitz, Berghuben municipality object_1137788 (1936)
Domslau municipality object_1137770 (1936)
Riembergshof, Dürrjentsch municipality object_1137893 (1936)
Janowitz rural municipality object_1272598 (1936)
Groß Bresa, Erlebusch municipality object_1051025 (1936)
Schlanz municipality object_1137900 (1936)
Blankenau municipality object_362748 (1936)
Schalkau municipality object_1137904 (1936)
Tschechnitz, Kraftborn municipality object_1137912 (1936)
Althofdürr municipality object_1137758 (1936)
Klein Sägewitz municipality object_1272617 (1936)
Merzdorf rural municipality object_1272558 (1936)
Klettendorf municipality object_1137843 (1936)
Reppline municipality object_1137871 (1936)
Boguslawitz, Schwarzaue municipality object_1137765 (1936)
Mellowitz, Teichlinden municipality object_1137823 (1936)
Probotschine, Probstaue municipality object_1137886 (1936)
Münchwitz, Münchau municipality object_1137825 (1936)
Klein Tinz, Tinz municipality object_1137802 (1936)
Koberwitz, Rößlingen municipality object_1137863 (1936)
Wirrwitz, Konradserbe municipality object_1137861 (1936)
Weigwitz, Roßweiler municipality object_1137875 (1936)
Oberhof municipality object_1137829 (1936)
Lohe municipality object_1137816 (1936)
Zweibrodt municipality object_1137917 (1936)
Buchwitz, Buchen N.S. municipality object_1263216 (1936)
Neuen municipality object_1137842 (1936)
Weide rural municipality object_1198268 (1885)
Peltschütz, Buschfelde municipality object_1137855 (1936)
Mandelau rural municipality object_1272611 (1936)
Wilkowitz, Weizengrund municipality object_1137876 (1936)
Schweinern, Weidenhof rural municipality municipality object_1137913 (1885)
Schweinern, Weidenhof rural municipality municipality object_1137913 (1936)
Malkwitz, Waldtal municipality object_1137819 (1936)
Drachenbrunn municipality object_1137773 (1936)
Neu Schliesa, Neu Schlesing municipality object_1137827 (1936)
Irrschnocke, Königsruh municipality object_1137791 (1936)
Opperau municipality object_1137882 (1936)
Klein Rasselwitz, Grenzhorst municipality object_1137803 (1936)
Pasterwitz, Pastern N.S. municipality object_1137868 (1936)
Radwanitz, Wasserborn municipality object_1137890 (1936)
Wasserjentsch, Schönwasser municipality object_1137839 (1936)
Althofnaß municipality object_1137757 (1936)
Liebethal municipality object_1137815 (1936)
Kattern municipality object_1137799 (1936)
Bismarcksfeld municipality object_1137764 (1936)
Herrmannsdorf municipality object_1137790 (1936)
Bischwitz am Berge, Linden am Berge municipality object_1137837 (1936)
Jackschönau, Schwertern municipality object_1137792 (1936)
Grünhübel municipality object_1137786 (1936)
Leipe-Petersdorf, Lipą Piotrkowską, Wrocław-Lipą-Piotrkowską municipality LEIORFJO81LE (1936)
Margareth municipality object_1137821 (1936)
Alt Schliesa, Alt Schlesing municipality object_1137756 (1936)
Sacherwitz, Sachern municipality object_1137897 (1936)
Groß Mochbern, Lohbrück municipality object_1137778 (1936)
Pollogwitz, Dreiteichen municipality object_1137869 (1936)
Eckersdorf municipality object_1137852 (1936)
Jerasselwitz, Gerlanden municipality object_1137794 (1936)
Oderwitz, Schildern municipality object_1137879 (1936)
Krolkwitz, Weidmannsau municipality object_1137836 (1936)
Krichen municipality object_1137808 (1936)
Kriptau municipality object_1137810 (1936)
Seschwitz, Trostdorf municipality object_1137858 (1936)
Protsch-Weide, Protsch, Weide rural municipality municipality object_1137889 (1885)
Protsch-Weide, Protsch, Weide rural municipality municipality object_1137889 (1936)
Wüstendorf municipality object_1137865 (1936)
Neukirch rural municipality object_1194888 (1885)
Prisselwitz, Prisselbach municipality object_1137870 (1936)
Treschen municipality object_1137911 (1936)
Niederhof municipality object_1137832 (1936)
Strachwitz, Schöngarten municipality object_1137909 (1936)
Magnitz, Magning municipality object_1137818 (1936)
Karowahne, Karben N.S. municipality object_1137798 (1936)
Bahra, Baara municipality object_1137759 (1936)
Groß Sürding municipality object_1137780 (1936)
Lanisch municipality object_1137814 (1936)
Barottwitz, Schmücken municipality object_1137760 (1936)
Schönborn municipality object_1137906 (1936)
Polnisch Kniegnitz, Kniegnitz, Elfhofen municipality object_1137856 (1936)
Bogenau municipality object_1137766 (1936)
Gallowitz, Gallen municipality object_1137777 (1936)
Kundschütz rural municipality object_1272600 (1936)
Rothsürben, Rothbach municipality object_1137878 (1936)
Brockau municipality object_1263215 (1936)
Klein Nädlitz, Nädlau municipality object_1137804 (1936)
Kentschkau, Keltingen municipality object_1137800 (1936)
Bettlern municipality object_1137763 (1936)
Wiltschau, Herdhausen municipality object_1137877 (1936)
Schottwitz rural municipality object_1272658 (1936)
Duckwitz, Gutendorf municipality object_1137774 (1936)

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	has name (in deu) Breslau says source_1160690 (p. VIII),
	is (in deu) Amtsgericht says source_1160690 (p. VIII),
	is part of object_285359 says source_1160690 (p. VIII);
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