Places that are approx. 5 km away from Altendorf (ALTORF_W3581)

name type GOV-Id
Weidelshof Farm WEIHOF_W3501
Naumburg town NAUURGJO41OG
Elben part of place ELBBEN_W3581
Altendorf municipality part of town ALTORF_W3581
Elberberg part of place ELBER1_W3581
Elbenberg part of place ELBERG_W3581
Heimarshausen municipality part of town HEISEN_W3581
Züschen part of town ZUSHEN_W3581
Emstal, Bad Emstal municipality EMSTALJO41PG
Riede municipality part of place RIEEDE_W3581
Offenhausen place OFFSEN_W3501
Sand municipality object_284867
Merxhausen village MERSEN_W3501
Sand village SANAND_W3501
Lohne part of town LOHHNE_W3581
Weißenthalsmühle mill WEIHLE_W3501
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