Places that are approx. 5 km away from Am Damm (AMDAMMJO63HF)

name type GOV-Id
Forstetablissement Langehorst settlement FORRSTJO63GF
Forstetablissement Theerofen settlement FORFENJO63GG
Randow village part of place Gemeindeteil RANDO1JO63GE
Friedhof Randow cemetery FRIDOWJO63GE
Berlinchen church BERHE1JO63GF
Berlinchen village part of place BERHENJO63GF
Friedhof Berlinchen cemetery FRIHENJO63HF
Am Damm settlement AMDAMMJO63HF
Dranse church object_167153
Dranse village part of place DRANS1JO63HE
Friedhof Dranse cemetery FRINSEJO63HE
Walkmühle settlement WALHLE_O1931
Friedhof Sewekow cemetery FRIKOWJO63HF
Sewekow village part of place SEWKOWJO63HF
Kuhlmühle mill KUHHLE_O1931
Griebsee settlement GRISEEJO63HE
Sewekow church SEWKO1JO63HF
Ichlim part of place ICHLIMJO63IF
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