Places that are approx. 5 km away from Dankerode (DANODE_W6441)

name type GOV-Id
Hergershausen village part of place HERSEN_W6441
Metzebach part of town METACH_W6441
Erdpenhausen village part of place ERDSEN_W6441
Niedergude village part of place NIEUDE_W6441
Landefeld part of town LANELD_W6441
Obergude village part of place OBEUDEJO41UB
Nausis part of town NAUSIS_W6441
Pfieffe church object_171115
Pfieffe part of town PFIFFEJO41UC
Herlefeld part of town HERELD_W6441
Erkshausen municipality part of town ERKSEN_W6441
Seifertshausen municipality part of town SEISENJO41VB
Dankerode municipality part of town DANODE_W6441
Stolzhausen village part of town STOSEN_W6441
Stölzingen Farm STOGENJO41VC
Gehau village part of town GEHHAU_W6441
Schemmern village part of town SCHERN_W6441
Königswald village KONALD_W6441
Eltmannsee village part of town ELTSEE_W6441
Rautenhausen part of town RAUSEN_W6441
Rockensüß village ROCSUS_W6441
Diemerode village part of town DIEODE_W6441
Cornberg (Maria Königin) filial church CORGINJO41WA
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