Places that are approx. 5 km away from Gut Saarow (GUTROWJO72AG)

name type GOV-Id
Friedhof Briesenluch cemetery FRIUCHJO62XH
Wolfswinkel settlement WOLKELJO62XG
Briesenluch settlement BRIUCHJO62XH
Forsthaus Briesenluch forester's house FORUCHJO62XH
Friedhof Kolpin cemetery FRIPINJO62XH
Kolpin village part of place KOLPI1JO62XG
Friedhof Hoffnungstaler Anstalten Lobetal in Reichenwalde cemetery FRILDEJO62XG
Friedhof Dahmsdorf (Reichenwalde) cemetery FRILDEJO62XF
Dahmsdorf/St. Thomas church DAHOR1JO62XF
Dahmsdorf village DAHORFJO62XF
Reichenwalde church object_167005
Kirchhof Reichenwalde cemetery KIRLDEJO62XG
Reichenwalde village part of place REILD1JO62XG
Waldfriedhof Reichenwalde cemetery WALLDEJO62XG
Friedhof Neu Reichenwalde cemetery FRILDEJO72AG
Waldrandsiedlung settlement WALUNGJO72AG
Neu Reichenwalde settlement REILD2JO72AG
Friedhof Silberberg cemetery FRIERGJO72AG
Marienhöhe settlement MAROHEJO72AG
Silberberg settlement SILER1JO72AG
Waldfriedhof Bad Saarow cemetery WALROWJO72AG
Alter Dorfriedhof Bad Saarow cemetery ALTROWJO72AG
Neue Ziegelei settlement NEULEIJO72AG
Dorf Saarow, Saarow village SAAKOWJO72AG
Försterei Pechhütte forester's house FORTTEJO72AG
Gut Saarow manor (building) GUTROWJO72AG
Bad Saarow-Strand settlement SAAATZ_O1242
Bad Saarow church BADRO1JO72AH
Bad Saarow-Mitte settlement BADTTEJO72AH
Scharmützelsee place SCHSEE_O1234
Dudel, Am Dudel settlement AMDDELJO72AH
Fuchsbau settlement FUCBAUJO72AH
Friedhof Diensdorf cemetery FRIORFJO72AF
Diensdorf village settlement DIEOR1JO72AF
Pieskow church PIEKO1JO72AG
Kirchhof Pieskow cemetery KIRKOWJO72AG
Petersdorf village part of place PETOR1JO72AH
Friedhof Petersdorf cemetery FRIOR1JO72AH
Pieskow village part of place village part of place PIEKO2JO72AG
Theresienhof settlement THEHOFJO72AG
Neu Golm village part of place NEUOL1JO72BH
Neu Golm church NEUOLMJO72BH
Kirchhof Neu Golm cemetery KIROLMJO72BH
Annenhof settlement ANNHOFJO72BG
Friedhof Langewahl cemetery FRIAHLJO72BH
Hartensdorf part of place Gemeindeteil HARORFJO72BG
Friedhof Hartensdorf cemetery FRIORFJO72BF
Försterei Alt Golm forester's house FOROLMJO72BH
Alt Golm village part of place ALTOLMJO72BH
Friedhof Alt Golm cemetery FRIOLMJO72BH
Schmiede settlement SCHEDEJO72BH
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