Places that are approx. 5 km away from Heidholz (HEIOLZ_W3501)

name type GOV-Id
Gudensberg town part of town GUDERGJO41QE
Maden part of town MADDEN_W3581
Besse part of place BESSSE_W3501
Lamsberg place LAMERG_W3505
Dissen part of town DISSEN_W3501
Deute part of town DEUUTE_W3581
Neue Herberge Farm object_277667
Hertingshausen municipality part of town HERSEN_W3501
Holzhausen am Hahn part of place object_275962
Kirchbauna municipality part of place part of town KIRUNA_W3501
Haldorf part of place HALORF_W3501
Neuenbrunslar part of town NEULAR_W3581
Heydstadt Farm HEIADT_W3501
Wolfershausen part of town WOLSEN_W3581
Altenbrunslar part of town ALTLAR_W3581
Grifte part of place GRIFTE_W3501
Heidholz building HEIOLZ_W3501
Guntershausen municipality part of place part of town GUNSEN_W3501
Ellenberg part of place ELLERG_W3581
Fuldaberg Farm FULERG_W3501
Breitenau settlement BRENAU_W3501
Büchenwerra part of place BUCRRA_W3501
Guxhagen part of place GUXGENJO41RE
Grebenau part of place object_275965
Dörnhagen municipality part of place DORGEN_W3501
Wagenfurth part of place WAGRTH_W3501
Schwarzenbach Farm object_277847
Wollrode part of place WOLODE_W3501
Körle village part of place KORRLEJO41SE
Albshausen part of place ALBSEN_W3501
Lobenhausen part of place LOBSEN_W3501
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