Places that are approx. 5 km away from Hummelshain (HUMAINJO50TS)

name type GOV-Id
Freienorla municipality FRERLAJO50SS
Dehnamühle settlement DEHHLEJO50ST
Bibra municipality BIBBRAJO50ST
Zwabitz municipality part of place ZWAITZJO50ST
Großeutersdorf church object_182744
Großeutersdorf municipality GROORF_O6901
Kleinentersdorf place KLEORFJO50SS
Langenorla church object_182994
Kleineutersdorf municipality KLEORF_O6901
Langenorla municipality LANRLAJO50TS
Kahla town KAHHL1JO50TT
Kahla-Stadtkirche/St. Margarethen church object_182756
Löbschütz municipality part of place LOBUTZJO50TT
Kleindembach municipality part of place KLEACHJO50TR
Leuchtenburg place LEUURGJO50TT
Lindig municipality LINDIGJO50TS
Schmölln municipality part of place SCHLLNJO50TS
Seitenroda municipality SEIODAJO50TT
Seitenroda church SEIOD1JO50TT
Langendembach municipality part of place LANACHJO50TS
Langendembach church object_182990
Hummelshain church object_184158
Hummelshain part of place HUMAI1JO50TS
Seitenbrück church object_184154
Seitenbrück municipality part of place SEIUCKJO50TT
Mariengrund settlement MARUND_O6841
Oberbodnitz municipality OBEITZJO50TT
Trockenborn part of place TROORN_O6541
Lausnitz part of place LAUITZJO50UR
Lichtenau municipality part of place LICNAUJO50US
Rothehofsmühle settlement ROTHLE_O6541
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