Places that are approx. 5 km away from Hüttenthal (HUTHALJN49LO)

name type GOV-Id
Affolterbach church object_169264
Affolterbach place AFFAC1JN49KO
Wahlen place WAHLE1JN49KO
Gras-Ellenbach place GRAAC1JN49KP
Dürr-Ellenbach place DURACHJN49KN
Hiltersklingen part of place HILGE2JN49KP
Ober-Hiltersklingen place HILGENJN49KP
Olfen, Olffen, Ulfen, Olffen, Ulffen, Alffen, Alue, Olffen village part of town OLFFENJN49KO
Güttersbach part of place GUTACHJN49KO
Unter-Mossau part of place UNTSAUJN49LP
Airlenbach, Erlebach, Erlebach, Erlebach, Erlenbach, Eerlenbach, Eyrlenbach, Ayrlenbach, Erlebach village part of town AIRACHJN49LO
Hüttenthal part of place HUTHALJN49LO
Mossautal municipality MOSTALJN49LP
Elsbach part of town ELSACHJN49LP
Etzean, Etzelshan, Etzelshan, Etzelßhan, Echtelßheyn, Etzhan village part of town ETZEANJN49LO
Günterfürst part of town GUNRSTJN49LO
Haisterbach part of town HAIACHJN49LO
Schönnen part of town SCHNENJN49LO
Ebersberg part of town EBEERGJN49LO
Lauerbach part of town LAUACHJN49LP
Hetzbach, Hetzelbach, Hetzpach, Hetzspach, Heczelspach, Hettzspach, Hetzelßpach, Hetzlspach, Hetspach village part of town HETACHJN49LO
Erbach (Odenwald) town object_1174703
Erlenbach part of town ERLACHJN49MP
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