Places that are approx. 5 km away from Kavelsdorf (KAVORFJO64ID)

name type GOV-Id
Plennin part of place PLENINJO64HE
Kneese Dorf municipality settlement KNEORFJO64HD
Palmzin part of place PALZIN_O2591
Redderstorf municipality part of place REDORFJO64HC
Semlow church SEMLO2JO64HE
Semlow part of place SEMLO1JO64HE
Wohsen part of place WOHSENJO64HD
Sülze, Bad Sülze town SULLZEJO64IC
Bad Sülze church object_169740
Stormsdorf part of place STOORF_O2591
Bahnhof settlement BAHHOFJO64ID
Bad Sülze Ausbau settlement BADBAUJO64IC
Moorhof settlement MOOHOFJO64ID
Forkenbeck part of place FORECK_O2591
Kavelsdorf municipality part of place KAVORFJO64ID
Bisdorf part of place BISORFJO64OB
Eixen church EIXXE2JO64ID
Eixen part of place EIXXE1JO64ID
Eibenhof settlement EIBHOFJO64IC
Hugoldsdorf Siedlung settlement HUGUNGJO64ID
Landsdorf municipality part of place LANORFJO64IC
Gerberhof settlement GERHOFJO64JC
Hugoldsdorf municipality HUGORFJO64JD
Tribsees town TRIEESJO64JC
Rönkendorf part of place RONORF_O2301
Leplow /St.Catharina church LEPINAJO64JE
Leplow part of place LEPLOWJO64JE
Krakow part of place KRAKOWJO64JC
Thomashof settlement THOHOF_O2304
Oberschlag settlement OBELAG_O2304
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