Places that are approx. 5 km away from Mölschow (MOLHOWJO64WB)

name type GOV-Id
Kröslin part of place Ortschaft part of place KROLI1JO64VC
Wolgast Nord settlement WOLORDJO64VB
Karrin part of place KARRIN_O2221
Neustadt settlement NEUADTJO64VB
Mittelhof settlement MITHOFJO64VC
Wolgast (Herz Jesu) church WOLESUJO64VB
Tannenkamp settlement TANAMPJO64VB
Wolgast town WOLAS1JO64VB
Weidehof settlement WEIHOF_O2221
Hollendorf municipality Ortschaft municipality part of place HOLORFJO64VC
Sauzin municipality SAUZIN_O2221
Sandhof settlement SANHOFJO64VC
Holzhäuser settlement HOLSERJO64VB
Ziegelei building ZIELEIJO64VB
Wolgaster Fähre settlement WOLHREJO64VB
Mahlzow municipality part of place MAHZOW_O2221
Zecherin municipality part of place ZECRINJO64VB
Neeberg municipality part of place NEEERGJO64VA
Ausbau settlement AUSBAUJO64VB
Karlshagen municipality KARGENJO64WC
Mölschow municipality MOLHOWJO64WB
Ausbau Bannemin settlement AUSMINJO64WB
Krummin municipality KRUMINJO64WA
Karlshagen Zeltplatz place KARATZ_O2223
Bannemin municipality part of place BANMINJO64WB
Trassenheide municipality TRAIDEJO64WC
Trassenmoor settlement TRAATZ_O2234
Kappen Ausbau settlement KAPBAUJO64WB
Zinnowitz Zeltplatz place ZINATZ_O2242
Zinnowitz municipality ZINITZJO64XC
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