Places that are approx. 5 km away from Stülpe (STULPEJO62PB)

name type GOV-Id
Jänickendorf church object_166321
Jänickendorf, Jänigkendorf village part of place JANOR1JO62OB
Friedhof Jänickendorf cemetery FRIORFJO62OB
Forsthaus Holbeck, Holbeck West Forsthaus settlement HOLAUS_O1710
Forsthaus Schmieligkendorf forester's house FORORFJO62PA
Forsthaus Holbeck settlement FORECKJO62PB
Holbeck village part of place HOLEC1JO62PB
Friedhof Holbeck cemetery FRIECKJO62PB
Dümde village part of place DUMMD1JO62PB
Dümde church DUMMD2JO62PB
Friedhof Stülpe cemetery FRILPEJO62PB
Stülpe village part of place STULP1JO62PB
Friedhof Dümde cemetery FRIMDEJO62PB
Kirchhof Stülpe cemetery KIRLPEJO62PB
Stülpe church object_166317
Schönefeld village part of place SCHELDJO62PB
Schönefeld church SCHEL1JO62PB
Ließen village part of place LIESE1JO62QA
Friedhof Ließen cemetery FRISENJO62QA
Unterhammer settlement UNTMERJO62PC
Hammer settlement HAMMERJO62QB
Ließen church LIESENJO61QX
Schmelze settlement SCHLZEJO62QB
Horstmühle settlement HORHLEJO62QB
Lynow village part of place LYNNOWJO62QB
Friedhof Lynow cemetery FRINOWJO62QB
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