Places that are approx. 5 km away from Marburg (object_1051074)

name type GOV-Id
Weiershausen place WEISE1_W3569
Bubenmühle mill BUBHLEJO40IT
Allna place ALLLNA_W3569
Kehna place KEHHNA_W3551
Hermershausen village part of town HERSEN_W3551
Elnhausen village part of town ELNSEN_W3551
Germershausen place GERSENJO40IS
Dagobertshausen village part of town DAGSENJO40IT
Haddamshausen village part of town HADSEN_W3551
Allershausen abandoned place ALLSENJO40IT
Oberweimar place OBEMAR_W3551
Hainskirche Farm HAICHEJO40IS
Görzhausen Farm GORSENJO40IT
Damm-Mühle mill DAMHLEJO40IT
Michelbach village part of town MICACHJO40IU
Cyriaxweimar village part of town CYRMAR_W3550
Niet Mühle mill NIEHLEJO40IS
Neuhöfe Höfe NEUOFE_W3550
Wehrshausen village part of town WEHSEN_W3550
Niederweimar place NIEMAR_W3551
Sellhof Farm SELHOF_W3550
Ockershausen village part of town OCKSENJO40JT
Gisselberg village part of town GISERG_W3551
Marbach village municipality part of town MARACH_W3550
Im Hirtental Farm IMHAINJO40JS
Steinmühle mill STEHLEJO40JS
Schwanhof houses SCHHOFJO40JT
Wehrda village part of town WEHRDA_W3551
Marburg (St. Johannes Ev.) church object_1268312
Cappel (St. Franziskus) church object_1268323
Cappel village municipality part of town CAPPEL_W3554
Marburg (Unsere Liebe Frau v.d. Heimsuchung) church object_1268317
Marburg town MARURGJO40JT
Marburg (St. Peter u. Paul) church object_1268316
Richtsberg urban-type settlement BICERGJO40JT
Ortenberg place ORTERGJO40JT
Frauenberg village FRAERG_W3551
Capelle Farm CAPLLE_W3550
Hahnerheide Höfe HAHIDE_W3551
Beltershausen municipality BELSE1_W3551
Beltershausen village BELSEN_W3551
Elisabethenbrunnen, Elisabethbrunnen houses ELINEN_W3551
Ginseldorf village part of town GINORF_W3551
Moischt village part of town MOICHT_W3551
Nonnenhausen abandoned place NONSENJO40JT
Schröck village part of town SCHOCK_W3551
Artzbach abandoned place ARTACHJO40JT
Bauerbach (St. Cyriakus) church object_1268307
Bauerbach village part of town BAUACH_W3551
Schröck (St. Michael u. St. Elisabeth) church object_1268315
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