Places that are approx. 5 km away from Magdeburgerforth (object_1072322)

name type GOV-Id
Wüstenjerichow settlement WUSHOWJO62BF
Ringelsdorf filial church RINOR1JO62BG
Heim settlement HEIEIMJO62BG
Ringelsdorf settlement RINORFJO62BG
Schadsmühle, Schads Mühle settlement SCHHLEJO62BF
Wülpen part of place WULPENJO62CG
Drewitz settlement DREITZJO62CF
Hubertusmühle settlement HUBHLEJO62BF
Drewitz church object_160292
Försterei Reesdorf settlement FORORFJO62CF
Räsdorf, Reesdorf settlement REEORFJO62CF
Holzhaus part of place HOLAUSJO62CG
Buschhäuser settlement BUSSERJO62CF
Altengrabow part of place ALTBOWJO62CE
Waldhof settlement WALHOFJO62CF
Magdeburgerforth filial church church object_160283
Neue Mühle settlement NEUHLEJO62CF
Magdeburgerforth settlement MAGRTHJO62CF
Dörnitz settlement DORITZJO62CF
Dörnitz filial church DORIT1JO62CF
Dreibachen settlement DREHENJO62CF
Landforsthaus settlement LANAUSJO62CF
Gottesforth settlement GOTRTHJO62CF
Schopsdorf settlement SCHORFJO62CF
Sandforth settlement SANRTHJO62CF
Paplitz settlement PAPITZJO62CG
Paplitz filial church PAPIT1JO62CG
Gehlsdorf part of place GEHORF_O3281
Briesenthal manor (building) abandoned place BRIHALJO62CE
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