Places that are approx. 5 km away from Lindenberg (object_1157457)

name type GOV-Id
Lauenburg ruins LAUURGJO51MR
Viktorshöhe settlement VIKOHEJO51MQ
Hänichen settlement HANHEN_O4301
Neue Schenke settlement NEUNKEJO51NR
Felsenkeller settlement FELLERJO51NR
Gneist Mühle settlement GNEHLEJO51NP
Alexisbad part of place ALEBADJO51NP
Klostermühle settlement KLOHLEJO51NP
Spiegelsches Haus, Spiegelshaus, Spiegelshof settlement SPIHOFJO51NQ
Petrus-Kapelle/Alexisbad church PETBADJO51NP
Forsthaus Drahtzug settlement DRAZUGJO51NP
Stahlhammer settlement STAMERJO51NP
Kapelle Gernrode chapel KAPODEJO51NR
Mägdesprung settlement MAGUNGJO51NQ
Haferfeld forester's house HAFELD_O4305
Ev. Kirche/Mägdesprung church object_149759
Forsthaus forester's house FORAUSJO51NP
Sternhaus settlement STEAUS_O4301
Forsthaus Ramberg settlement RAMERGJO51NQ
Gernrode town settlement town settlement GERODEJO51NR
Stiftskirche St. Cyriakus/Gernrode church object_149574
Stubenberg settlement STUERGJO51NR
Erster Hammer, 1. Hammer settlement HAMMERJO51NQ
Harzgerode (St. Johannes Baptist) church HARISTJO51NP
St. Marien/Harzgerode church object_149748
Harzgerode town HARODEJO51NP
Zweiter Hammer, 2. Hammer settlement HAMMERJO51NP
Freie Feldlage (Klinik) settlement FRENIKJO51NP
Am Kuhkopf settlement AMKOPFJO51NR
3. Hammer, Dritter Hammer settlement HAMME1JO51NQ
Scheerenstieg settlement SCHIEGJO51NQ
Forsthaus Scherenstieg settlement SCHIEGJO51NP
Vierter Hammer, 4. Hammer settlement HAMME2JO51NQ
Alteburg settlement ALTURGJO51OR
Meiseberg settlement MEIERGJO51OQ
Selkemühle settlement SELHLEJO51OQ
Burg Anhalt ruins ANHALTJO51OQ
Forsthaus Wilhelmshof settlement WILHOFJO51OP
Roseburg settlement ROSURGJO51OR
Forsthaus Röhrkopf settlement ROHOPFJO51OR
Schlosskirche/Ballenstedt church SCHEDTJO51OR
Ballenstedt (St. Elisabeth), St. Elisabeth-Kirche church Nebenkirche BALETHJO51OR
Schlosskapelle/Ballenstedt church object_149603
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