Places that are approx. 5 km away from Saarbrücken (object_1165766)

name type GOV-Id
Eppelborn municipality Gemeindeteil object_195422
Numborn place NUMORN_W6601
Wiesbach municipality Gemeindeteil WIEACH_W6689
Eppelborn-Wiesbach (St. Augustinus) church object_1276423
Heusweiler-Kutzhof (St. Jakobus) church object_1277106
Kutzhof place Gemeindeteil KUTHOF_W6601
Hierscheid municipality Gemeindeteil HIEEID_W6689
Eppelborn-Humes (Maria Himmelfahrt) church object_1276421
Humes municipality Gemeindeteil HUMMES_W6689
Lummerschied (Christi Himmelfahrt) filial church object_1277108
Wahlschied (St. Willibrord) filial church object_1277107
Lummerschied place LUMIED_W6601
Dirmingen municipality Gemeindeteil DIRGEN_W6689
Eppelborn-Dirmingen (St. Wendalinus) church object_1276430
Kaisen part of place KAISEN_W6689
Uchtelfangen municipality Gemeindeteil UCHGEN_W6689
Uchtelfangen (St. Josef) church object_1276422
Göttelborn (St. Josef) church object_1277296
Wustweiler (Herz Jesu) church object_1276420
Wustweiler municipality Gemeindeteil WUSLER_W6689
Hosterhof part of place HOSHOF_W6688
Illingen municipality ILLGENJN39MJ
Illingen Gemeindeteil object_195421
Illingen (St. Stephanus) church object_1276412
Merchweiler (Rosenkranzkönigin) church object_1276414
Gennweiler part of place GENLER_W6688
Merchweiler municipality Gemeindeteil object_211668
Hüttigweiler municipality Gemeindeteil HUTLER_W6689
Hüttigweiler (St. Maria Magdalena) church object_1276411
Wemmetsweiler (St. Michael) church object_1276413
Hirzweiler municipality Gemeindeteil HIRLER_W6689
Hirzweiler-Welschbach (St. Laurentius) church object_1276410
Wemmetsweiler municipality Gemeindeteil WEMLER_W6689
Welschbach municipality Gemeindeteil WELACH_W6689
Heiligenwald place HEIALDJN39NI
Heiligenwald (St. Laurentius) church object_1277068
Graulheck part of place GRAECK_W6685
Stennweiler place STELERJN39NJ
Stennweiler (St. Barbara) church object_1277065
Leopoldsthal part of place LEOHAL_W6685
Mainzweiler (St. Wendalinus) filial church object_1276401
Mainzweiler municipality part of town MAILER_W6691
Schiffweiler place SCHLE1JN39NI
Madenfelderhof place MADHOF_W6684
Schiffweiler (St. Martin) church object_1277066
Landsweiler (Herz Jesu) church object_1277067
Landsweiler-Reden place LANDENJN39NI
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